Kimire Video Camera Recorder Specifications and Reviews

Kimire 604S Video Camera Camcorder Digital Camera Recorder with 3 Inch Display, Full HD 1080P, 24MP Camera. Check Price, full Specifications and Reviews.

15. May 2023
Kimire Video Camera Recorder Specifications and Reviews

Kimire Video Camera Recorder is kind of digital Video Camera which allows you to capture photos and record high-quality videos. With its cutting-edge 24MP sensor, you can take gorgeous photos and movies with rich colours and fine details. With the 270-degree rotating screen on this camera recorder, you can effortlessly change the angle for a relaxing viewing experience while recording.



Kimire Video Camera Recorder Overviews

Small and Compact Camcorder

To use the camera for the first time, format the SD card first. The camcorder supports SD/SDHC cards up to 128GB. The hole on the camcorder is of standard size and supports attachment to a tripod.

Video Camera as Webcam

The video camera is helpful for taking lovely pictures that you may upload to your Youtube channel. When the camera is connected to the computer, it may be utilised as a webcam. To choose "PC CAM" mode, press the camera button.When the "AMCAP" window is opened, the images captured by the camera are shown on this window. You can video call your loved ones or pals. Before using the camera feature, please download the "AMCAP" programme.

Multifunction Camcorder

1080P(15fps) Video Resolution, 24M(6000x4500) Image Resolution, image format (JPEG), video format(AVI), 16X digital zoom, camcorder with fill light, 3.0 inch LCD and supports 270°rotation, Anti-shake, Face Capture, Beauty Function, Self-timer and Webcam function, Pause function, USB 2.0, TV Output, Setting Date and Time.

Recording While Charging

Two NP-FV5 batteries are included with the camcorder. When completely charged, you may continue recording for about 60 to 90 minutes. More than 8 hours of charging are required before the first use. The camera can record while it is charging, making it ideal for capturing lengthy films whenever you want.

Pause Function

The ability to pause the recording when necessary and resume it without beginning a new one on this video camera makes it simpler for you to edit and submit the recordings. The USB cable that included with this video camera allows you to upload videos by connecting it right to your computer. You may play back the videos from this video camera straight on the TV using the provided AV connection.

Kimire Video Camera Recorder Price

Kimire Video Camera Recorder Price starts from $55 , you can buy Kimire Video Camera Recorder Online at Lowest Price, for offer price - Get Offer  

Kimire Video Camera Recorder Specifications

Brand Kimire
Model Name 604S
Photo Sensor Technology CMOS
Screen Size 3 Inches
Optical Zoom 0.01 x
Camcorder type Video Camera
Video Capture Resolution 1080p, FHD 1920x1080(15fps), HD 1280x720(30fps),640x480(30fps)
Flash Memory Type SD
Dimensions ‎5.2 x 2 x 2.3 inches
Weight 1.12 pounds

Kimire Video Camera Recorder Reviews

The camera is fantastic! It is simple to operate, browse, film with, and capture photographs with. The quality of this camera makes it ideal for anyone who wants to learn how to operate one. I was pleasantly delighted, and I wholeheartedly endorse this product. The best part about it is that it is lightweight and compact and can simply put into your bag. Please everybody test out this camera; you will be delighted with it. I was delighted, and I would get this product for friends or relatives as well. 

Kimire Video Camera Recorder FAQs

How long does the Kimire video camera recorder's battery last?

A rechargeable lithium-ion battery is included with the Kimire Video Camera Recorder and offers up to 60 to 90 minutes of continuous recording duration on a single charge. The recording resolution, usage of the zoom, and use of other functions are some examples of variables that may affect the battery life.

What is the largest SD card size that the Kimire Video Camera Recorder can support?

Up to 32GB SD cards are supported by the Kimire video camera recorder. For best performance, it is advised to use Class 10 or higher speed SD cards..

Will the Kimire video camera recorder work with an external microphone?

Yes, External microphones are supported by the Kimire Video Camera Recorder. For greater audio quality, you may attach an external microphone to its 3.5mm microphone input.

Does the Kimire Video Camera Recorder have WiFi or Bluetooth connection built in?

No, the Kimire Video Camera Recorder lacks WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity built-in. But you may use a USB cable to move the recorded files to your computer or smartphone.

Does the Kimire Video Camera Recorder have a warranty?

Yes, the Kimire Video Camera Recorder is backed by a one-year warranty that addresses any manufacturing flaws. For additional information, please see the warranty terms & conditions.

How to format the memory card in Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

Please press the "Mode" button to get into the "Setup" page. Choose the "Format" option and press "OK" to confirm.

How to switch modes in Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

Press the "Mode" button to switch modes between "Photo/Video/Setup".

How to take photos by Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

Press the "Mode" button to change to the "Photo" mode. Press the "Photo" button to take a photo.

How to record videos by Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

Press the "Mode" button to change to the "Video" mode. Press the "START/STOP" button to start the recording. You can press the "Photo" button to pause the recording. And press the "START/STOP" button to finish the recording.

How to playback photos/videos in Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

Press the "Playback" button(Beside the Menu button), and then press the "Left/Right" button to browse. Press the "START/STOP" to playback video and press the "Photo" button to pause.

How to delete photos/videos in Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

Press the "Playback" button(Beside the Menu button), and then choose the one you want to delete, press the "Menu" button then choose "Delete" and confirm to delete.

How to adjust the volume in Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

The volume can be only adjusted while playback. Use the zoom toggle to adjust the volume.

How to turn on the fill light in Kimire Video Camera Recorder?

Press the "OK" button to turn on the light and press it again to turn off.

How to use Kimire Video Camera Recorder as Webcam?

If you want to use the camera as a webcam for video calls or Live stream:

Step 1 - First connect Kimire Video Camera Recorder to your PC.

Step 2 - Now you can see 2 options on the screen: "MSDC" & "PC camera", select the "PC camera" and press OK". If it has been confirmed, there would be a camera icon on the screen.

Step 3 - Now open the Application or Software which you want to use (You can use "AMCAP", it is free to download and use).

How to Connect Kimire Video Camera Recorder to TV?

Step 1 - First connect the Kimire Video Camera Recorder to your TV with the AV & USB cable.

Step 2 - Now set the TV signal source as AV and get into this mode.

Stpe 3 - You will find the camera screen that turning black which is normal, not the camera malfunction. And the content will be displayed on your TV screen. You need to operate the camera to display your photos and videos.

How to Connect Kimire Video Camera Recorder to Computer?

Step 1 - First turn on the camera,insert the AV & USB Cable into the camera and computer port separately.

Step 2 - The computer will automatic install driver and the computer screen will display the driver installation is complete.

Step 3 - Please press the camera "MODE" button to choose the camera “MSDC ”mode,then open the U disk,the camera files can be seen.


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