iOS 17.5 Update Will Introduce These New Features To Your iPhone

Discover what's in store with iOS 17.5: web distribution, Quartiles word game, customizable podcast widgets and more, enhancing your iPhone experience.

7. May 2024
iOS 17.5 Update Will Introduce These New Features To Your iPhone

Apple fans, brace yourselves, for the forthcoming iOS 17.5 update promises an array of exciting features poised to enrich your iPhone experience. Currently undergoing beta testing, iOS 17.5 is anticipated to be the final major installment preceding the highly awaited iOS 18 release. As the veil of secrecy gradually lifts from the beta version, let's delve into some of the captivating features poised to grace your iPhone with the iOS 17.5 update.

Web Distribution in the EU: Empowering Developers and Users Alike

One of the most notable inclusions in the iOS 17.5 update is the introduction of web distribution for applications within the European Union. Developers will now have the liberty to offer their apps directly on the web, bypassing the conventional route through the App Store or third-party markets. This groundbreaking feature not only streamlines the app acquisition process but also fosters a more direct connection between developers and users. To qualify for web distribution, developers must meet certain criteria, including a minimum of two years' registration in the Apple Developer Program and over one million annual installs within the EU. This move is poised to redefine the app ecosystem, offering users greater flexibility and accessibility in app acquisition.

Quartiles Word Game: A Delight for Word Enthusiasts

For aficionados of word-based puzzles, iOS 17.5 brings forth Quartiles, a captivating addition to the Apple News+ platform. Reminiscent of the popular game Wordle, Quartiles challenges players to unravel a series of mini words to unveil the complete word. With each correct answer, players earn points, culminating in a rewarding experience. Integrated with the Game Center, Quartiles joins the ranks of other puzzle games, such as Crossword and Crossword Mini. While initially available in select markets like the US and Canada, Quartiles promises to captivate word enthusiasts worldwide with its engaging gameplay and stimulating challenges.

Customizable Podcast Widget: Personalized Visual Enhancements

In a nod to customization and visual appeal, iOS 17.5 reintroduces the customizable podcast widget feature. Building upon its initial debut in iOS 17.4, the revamped widget now dynamically adjusts its color scheme to complement the album art of the podcast. This aesthetic enhancement not only adds a touch of personalization but also enhances the overall visual cohesion of the home screen. Originally omitted from the stable release of iOS 17.4, the return of the customizable podcast widget in iOS 17.5 underscores Apple's commitment to refining user experience and accommodating user preferences.

iPadOS 17.5: Elevating the iPad Experience

While iPhone users eagerly anticipate the iOS 17.5 update, iPad aficionados have reason to rejoice as well. iPadOS 17.5 introduces a host of new features tailored to enhance the iPad experience. Among these enhancements is an enhanced battery health menu, providing users with deeper insights into their device's battery status. From charge cycle count to maximum remaining battery capacity, users can now glean comprehensive information to optimize their battery usage. Furthermore, whispers from the source code hint at the arrival of a new Apple Pencil, potentially compatible with upcoming iPad Pro and iPad Air models. With iOS 17.5 and iPadOS 17.5 set to roll out to eligible devices, iPhone and iPad users alike can anticipate a slew of enhancements poised to elevate their Apple experience to new heights.


in conclusion, the iOS 17.5 update heralds a new era of innovation and refinement for iPhone users, with features like web distribution, Quartiles word game, and customizable podcast widgets redefining the iOS landscape. Coupled with enhancements tailored for iPad users, iOS 17.5 represents a testament to Apple's unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional user experiences across its ecosystem. As the countdown to the official release begins, anticipation runs high for the transformative potential that iOS 17.5 holds for Apple enthusiasts worldwide.

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