Interviewer: Can sessionStorage Share Data Between Multiple Tabs?

Learn if Session Storage can share data between browser tabs. Explore its capabilities, limitations and inter-tab communication techniques.

12. Apr 2024
Interviewer: Can sessionStorage Share Data Between Multiple Tabs?

In the realm of web development, session storage is a valuable tool for storing data temporarily on the client side. However, a common question that arises is whether sessionStorage can share data between multiple tabs. Let's delve into this query and unravel the intricacies surrounding sessionStorage.

Understanding sessionStorage

Before delving into its capabilities across tabs, let's grasp the fundamentals of sessionStorage. sessionStorage is a web storage mechanism that allows developers to store key-value pairs locally in a web browser. Unlike localStorage, which persists data even after the browser is closed, sessionStorage retains data only for the duration of the page session. Once the session ends, typically when the browser tab is closed, the data stored in sessionStorage is cleared.

Sharing Data Between Tabs

Now, the crux of the matter: can sessionStorage share data between multiple tabs? The answer is both yes and no, depending on the context.

1. No, sessionStorage Cannot Directly Share Data Between Tabs

sessionStorage operates on a per-origin basis. Each browser tab, window, or iframe is treated as a separate browsing context with its own instance of sessionStorage. As a result, data stored in sessionStorage in one tab is inaccessible from another tab, even if they belong to the same origin (i.e., have the same protocol, host, and port).

2. Yes, Indirect Sharing Through JavaScript and Events

While sessionStorage itself cannot directly share data between tabs, developers can leverage JavaScript and inter-tab communication techniques to achieve this functionality. One common approach is to use the "storage" event, which is fired whenever a change occurs in the sessionStorage or localStorage of a document.

By listening for the "storage" event in each tab, developers can detect changes made to sessionStorage in other tabs and synchronize data accordingly. When a tab updates sessionStorage, it dispatches the "storage" event, allowing other tabs to capture the event and react accordingly. Through this mechanism, developers can simulate the sharing of data between tabs.

Considerations and Limitations

While inter-tab communication via sessionStorage is possible, it's essential to consider certain limitations and factors:

1. Security Concerns

Sharing sensitive data between tabs can pose security risks, as sessionStorage is accessible to JavaScript running within the same origin. Care must be taken to avoid exposing sensitive information.

2. Synchronization Challenges

Synchronizing data across tabs introduces complexities and challenges, such as handling conflicts and ensuring consistency. Developers must carefully design their synchronization mechanisms to mitigate these issues.

3. Browser Support

While the "storage" event is widely supported across modern browsers, developers should be mindful of compatibility issues, especially when targeting older browser versions.


In conclusion, sessionStorage, by itself, cannot directly share data between multiple tabs due to its per-origin nature. However, developers can employ JavaScript and inter-tab communication techniques, such as the "storage" event, to indirectly synchronize data across tabs. Understanding these nuances enables developers to harness the full potential of sessionStorage while building robust web applications.

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