Intel New AI Playground App: Free, Local AI Image Creation

Discover Intel AI Playground a free app for easy AI image generation and editing, running entirely on your PC without internet, ensuring privacy and simplicity.

6. Jun 2024
Intel New AI Playground App: Free, Local AI Image Creation

At Computex earlier this week, Intel unveiled a sneak preview of its upcoming AI Playground app, signaling a significant leap in accessible AI technology. This Windows application is set to revolutionize how users engage with AI image generation by offering a user-friendly interface for creating and editing images and interacting with an AI agent, all without the need for complex command lines, scripts, or even an internet connection.

A New Era of Local AI Processing

What sets AI Playground apart from other AI applications is its ability to run entirely on a user's PC. This local operation leverages the parallel processing power of an Intel Core Ultra processor with a built-in Intel Arc GPU or a separate 8GB VRAM Arc Graphics card. This setup ensures that users can experience high-performance AI without relying on cloud-based services.

Simplified User Experience

Designed with simplicity and ease of use in mind, AI Playground will be available as a free download later this summer. Intel emphasizes that AI Playground is not intended to replace existing AI projects and applications but to provide an easy entry point for those new to AI. As Intel stated in a recent blog post, “We do not see AI Playground as a replacement for the many wonderful AI Projects and applications, but we do see AI Playground as the easy path to get started with AI.”

AI Playground

Image Credit: Intel 

Installation is straightforward, akin to any standard Windows application. The interface allows users to switch seamlessly between image creation, image editing, and chat functions by clicking tabs at the top of the screen. For image generation, a simple prompt and a single click are all it takes to produce results. While advanced settings like “Steps,” “LoRAs,” and “Schedulers” are available in Manual mode, the app simplifies these options into more accessible “Resolution” and “Quality” settings for general users.

Enhanced Privacy and Flexibility

One of AI Playground’s standout features is its local operation, significantly reducing the risk of data leaks associated with cloud-based AI applications. Since everything runs locally on the user’s PC, data, prompts, and outputs are securely contained within the user's environment.

Moreover, AI Playground’s chatbot, Answer LLM, though not yet perfect in its demo performance, can be fine-tuned through user interaction and input texts, enhancing its utility over time. This local processing capability provides a unique mix of flexibility and privacy that cloud-based applications currently cannot match.

Open Source Integration

AI Playground’s adaptability extends to its support for open-source models. Users can integrate Pytorch models from other generative AI applications, further enhancing the app’s versatility. This openness ensures that users are not limited to Intel’s offerings but can experiment with a wide array of AI tools and models, making AI Playground a robust platform for both beginners and advanced users.


Intel’s AI Playground app represents a significant advancement in AI accessibility and security. By allowing AI image generation and editing to occur entirely on a local PC, it opens up new possibilities for users to explore AI technologies without the complexities and privacy concerns associated with cloud-based services. As a free, easy-to-use application, AI Playground is poised to become a valuable tool for anyone interested in AI, from novices to seasoned developers. This summer, when AI Playground becomes available, it will likely set a new standard for local AI applications, blending simplicity, performance, and security in one innovative package.

Image Credit: Intel 

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