Include NEET Mock Tests in Your Study Routine

How to Include NEET Mock Tests in Your Study Routine? Lets learn in this post how to plan a productive study schedule and incorporate practice exams into it.

27. Apr 2023
Include NEET Mock Tests in Your Study Routine

Medical aspirants frequently start fretting about developing a good study pattern, taking practise exams, and effortlessly incorporating the practise exams into their study regimen. Therefore, having a set study schedule is important. After that, students might choose to incorporate mock exams into their daily schedule. Let's discuss how to design a productive study schedule that includes mock exams for a successful exam preparation.

Do you actually follow a good NEET 2023 study schedule? If you haven't already created one, we'll assist you.

Let's learn in this post how to plan a productive study schedule and incorporate practise exams into it.

1. Don't let the NEET 2023 syllabus revision overwhelm you. Make a list of all the critical ideas that require revision. 

2. Track your days backwards by checking the number of days left until the NEET 2023 exam. Keep a week aside for practise and final revision. Nothing new should have been introduced in the previous week. If you choose the 1-month strategy, you must clarify everything in 3 weeks.

3. Decide how many hours a day you'll spend working. Divide your time by the number of subjects you are studying, if you have, say, 12 hours. Physics, Chemistry, and Biology each take three hours.

4. To establish a study routine, start early in the morning with a clear head and focus on the numerical topics first. 

5. Take Physics and Chemistry in the morning, then Biology in the afternoon. 

6. Take enough pauses and experiment with various study methods, such as the Pomodoro technique, to prevent burnout or stress while preparing for the NEET exam.

7. For a longer period of time, make sure you eat well, stay hydrated, and avoid distractions like social media.

8. Take ample rest and work through all of your questions with your mentors and using the answers from last year. When you're stuck, get help right away because time is of the essence.

9. Make notes and go over key ideas that you feel would benefit from a last-minute review before the test. 

10. To be healthy, alert, and in your best working condition, get a good night's rest for 7 to 8 hours.

How to include mock tests in your routine?

1. After reviewing key ideas from each subject in the NEET syllabus, you can take daily subject-specific mock examinations. By doing so, you can quickly correct any errors and make the idea clear. 

2. Establish a fixed time each day for an all-subject combined mock test to gauge your understanding of material you studied the day before or the current day. This can be done in the morning or at night. 

3. Keep track of your progress via each mock test and note which subjects you have mastered and which ones require more review.

4. Get a professional to review your mock tests, or critically evaluate them yourself and correct any mistakes. 

5. Set aside one day at the end of the week for practise exams and no other work. You would feel as though you had actually taken the NEET exam on that day. 

6. Make sure you feel confident about the material you learned by practising numerous NEET mock examinations on each subject. 

7. Do not put off taking practise exams. Never put off anything until tomorrow; always plan for today.

You can make plans accordingly now that you have some understanding about integrating mock tests in your everyday routine. To achieve the greatest results in the NEET 2023 exam, you can modify the aforementioned advice according to your needs and level of comfort.


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