IB 71 Movie Download [1080p 480p, 720p, 4K, HD] Review

The movie IB 71 is available for download in 480P, 720P, and 1080P on Tamilrockers and Telegram.

17. May 2023
IB 71 Movie Download [1080p 480p, 720p, 4K, HD] Review

The movie IB 71 is available for download in 480P, 720P, and 1080P on Tamilrockers and Telegram. The war that India waged in 1971 to secure the independence of another nation is the subject of the film IB71. The pirated movie has been released on the downloading website Filmyzilla since the movie's premiere. The IB 71 Movie Download is free to download in 720p, 1080p, and 480p due to it being leaked.

This IB 71 Movie Download has also been released on the websites Vegamovies, Pagalworld, Hdhub4u, and Khatrimaza in addition to Filmyzilla. On all of these websites, it is free to download in a variety of sizes, including 300MB, 450MB, 900MB, and 1GB. I will discuss the IB71 movie review in today's article, as well as all the facts you need to know before downloading the IB71 movie. Please read this post thoroughly.

IB 71 Movie Download FilmyZilla Leaked Online in 720p, 480p HD Quality

The IB 71 Movie Download has been made available for free download on the Filmyzilla website. The IB 71 Movie Download movie may be downloaded for free as a result of it being leaked. The IB 71 Movie Download movie is available for download on the Filmyzilla website in full HD resolutions including 720p, 480p, and 1080p. However, just so you know, the movie was posted illegally, making downloading and viewing it online against the law.



Sankalp Reddy


Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar, Vidyut Jammwal, Abbas Sayyed

Star Cast

Vidyut Jammwal, Anupam Kher, Vishal Jethwa, Faizan Khan, Dalip Tahil

Running time

117 minutes




IB 71 Movie Download features a compelling plot, gorgeous images, and potent acting. Sankalp Reddy, who had previously produced the well-received film The Ghazi Attack based on the India-Pakistan conflict, is the director of the IB 71 Movie Download. Vidyut Jammwal, Anupam Kher, and Vishal Jethwa play the main characters in the film IB71.



IB71 Movie Trailer

The two minutes and one second trailer was posted on social media. The narrative of the movie IB 71 Movie Download is about an intelligence officer who embarks on an intelligence assignment and has the power to thwart Pakistan's evil plans. In this movie, a lot of Vidyut Jammwal's activities as an intelligence officer will be witnessed. After viewing it, you'll have chills from the action. Anupam Kher has assumed the post of the chief of the intelligence division.


IB 71 Movie Download Movie stars Vidyut Jammwal as an undercover agent who is given a crucial task that might determine the fate of the entire country. Jammwal plays this role with talent and tenacity. Bhushan Kumar, Lions Entertainment, and Vidyut worked together to make IB 71 Movie Download. This film, directed by Vidyut Jammwal, is another action-packed one. The first movie produced by Vidyut Jammwal's company is IB 71 Movie Download.

IB71 Movie Story

After losing the wars in 948 and 1965, Pakistan was, according to the plot of the movie, secretly preparing for war in 1971. He intended to use China this time to attack India from three directions. In Rawalpindi, Pakistan, where Indian spies are familiar with, this strategy was being developed. 

Everyone in the intelligence agency is shocked when this information is revealed since, at the time, India was not prepared for war, let alone to fight both China and Pakistan simultaneously. IB agent Dev Jamwal argued that this conflict might be averted by shutting the airways ten days before to the attack, but doing so was an extremely challenging undertaking.

Dev Jammwal decides to take charge of this challenging operation. This results in three nations, thirty agents, ten days, and one assignment for the mission. Somehow, Dev Jamwal travels to Pakistan with 30 agents. You must watch the movie at the theatre to find out whether Dev Jamwal will be able to avert this assault and whether Pakistan will be made aware of this mission.

IB71 Movie Release Date

IB 71 Movie Download was made available on ISD on May 12, 2023, at 9:00 AM in Cinema Ghar. Many individuals download free movies from illegal movie downloading websites like Filmyzilla Begummovie filmywap mp4maina etc. because they are short on time or want to save money. Download the movie and view it at home on your mobile device, laptop TV, or desktop in 720p, 1080p, and 480p.


Junaid Wasi, Sahar Quaze


Gnana Shekar V. S.

Film Editor

Sandeep Francis


Prashanth R Vihari, Vikram Montrose

Production Companies

T-Series, Reliance Entertainment, Action Hero Films

Digital Right

Reliance Entertainment

Release date

12 May 2023


Let me tell you, viewing a movie on 70MM in a theatre is a whole different experience, and it is quite enjoyable. If you download and view a movie from a website for movie downloads, the quality of the movie is also poor, so if you want to fully appreciate the movie, see it in a theatre.


IB71 Film Cast list

Mission: Possible to Save India, Vidyut Jammwal's riveting, action-packed performance. IB agent Dev Jammwal was portrayed by Vidyut Jammwal in the IB 71 Movie Download. In a similar vein as IB head Anupam Kher N.S. Awasthi. You may check the list of actors who have played Wasim Qureshi and Ashfaq Qureshi below. Vishal Jethwa and Faizan Khan respectively.


Star Cast

Cast Name

Vidyut Jammwal

Dev Jammwal

Anupam Kher

N.S. Awasthi

Vishal Jethwa

Qasim Qureshi

Faizan Khan

Ashfaq Qureshi

Dalip Tahil

Zulfikar Ali Bhutto

Suvrat Joshi


Ashwath Bhatt

Afsal Aga


IB71 Movie Download Telegram link

IB 71 Movie Download has been leaked on Telegram, and as a result, it is free to download in sizes of 300 MB, 700 MB, 900 MB, and 1 GB. 

I'll let you know for your knowledge that the IB 71 Movie Download on Telegram was uploaded illegally. We ask our users to refrain from downloading pirated films because doing so is against the law.

Dailymotion Watch Online

On Dailymotion, the IB 71 Movie Download has been stolen. This movie may be seen and downloaded for free on Dailymotion as a result of it being leaked. The IB 71 Movie Download may be downloaded for free in 360p, 420p, 720p, and 1080p on Dailymotion.

A well-known website for streaming videos is Dailymotion. Where the IB71 Download Movie was illegally uploaded on the user's behalf. This movie may be downloaded for free in various quality on mobile devices and laptops when it has been posted. You may download IB71 in Full HD, 720p, 480p, and 1080p.

IB71 Movie Download Vegamovie 1080p

The IB71 Download Movie is available for free download from the movie-downloading website Vegmovies. You can get IB 71 Movie get in Full HD resolution with our website. You may download the IB71 Download Movie from the vegamovie website if you want to watch the film on your mobile device, laptop, television, or desktop.


You can pursue additional legal action for downloading or seeing the tourist version movie online under the Copyright Act. The IB 71 Movie get that you will get from the Vegamovie website is a pirated version.

IB71 Movie Ticket Booking

You may use these general methods to order cinema tickets for the IB71 Movie:

1. Visit the official website or mobile application of a chain of theatres or a well-known ticketing service in your area. Paytm, BookMyShow, and PVR Cinema are a few well-known platforms.

2. Search for the movie "IB71" or peruse the schedule of films showing where you want to go.

3. Pick the day and hour of the programme that work best for you. Additionally, you could have the choice to view the film in IMAX, 3D, or 2D.

4. Select the quantity of tickets you want to buy and, if available, the seats of your choice. You may select your seats and view the seating arrangement on several stations.

5. Enter the relevant information, including your name, contact information, and payment method, in the payment area.

6. Verify the accuracy of your booking information, then confirm your purchase.

7. You often receive a confirmation email or a booking reference number after the reservation is finalised. Keep this information close to hand in case you need it for any future communications or to pick up your tickets at the theatre.

I suggest contacting the customer service of the individual ticketing site or the movie theatre chain you're using for help if you run into any problems or have special inquiries about the booking procedure.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the release date of the IB71 movie?

The IB71 movie has been released in theaters on 12 May 2023.

Who is the director of the IB71 movie?

The IB71 movie is directed by Sankalp Ready.

Who is the main character in the IB71 movie?

IB71 movie stars Vidyut Jammwal, Anupam Kher, Vishal Jethwa, Bhajan Khan, etc. in lead roles.

IB71 film is produced by which company?

IB71 film is produced by T Series Entertainment and Action Hero Movie

How many minutes is the movie IB71?

IB71 movie length is 117 minutes

Final Thoughts

IB71 Download Movie is an innovative action thriller that promises to enthral viewers with its gripping story, top-notch acting, and magnificent action scenes. The movie will push boundaries and redefine the genre, having a big influence on the Bollywood entertainment scene. The enthusiasm surrounding this highly anticipated cinematic masterpiece continues to increase as fans impatiently await its release. Keep checking back for additional information as we follow Vidyut Jammwal's journey to save India on the big screen.


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