How to Write better Headlines? Step by Step Guide

A strong headline may always grab a reader attention, whether it's for a blog, social media post, YouTube video or web article. How to Write better Headlines?

29. Mar 2023
How to Write better Headlines? Step by Step Guide

A strong headline may always grab a reader's attention, whether it's for a blog post, social media post, YouTube video, or web article.

Because not everyone has the time to delve into the specifics of every story, it's critical to understand how to write stronger headlines that pique readers' interest.

Catchy headlines were crucial in the era of print newspapers to capture readers' attention. Today, whether you're launching a blog, a video channel, or an email list, headlines are an essential part of almost any marketing campaign.

Why it's important to learn how to write better headlines?

In as few words as possible, a headline should sum up a piece of content. Readers can quickly scan a headline to determine the main idea of the content by keeping headlines short.

To make sure your message reaches potential clients, small business owners must discover the ideal marketing headlines to go with their content. If your blog post or email has a vague subject line, folks may choose to ignore it; if it's too wordy or long, they may choose to get the information they need elsewhere.

Check Top Headlines

At the same time, search engines like Google construct Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs) for internet users using information from meta-descriptions and headlines. If your marketing headlines are vague or irrelevant, your content may not show up in search results, especially if you are writing about a subject where there is a lot of competition. In addition to these instances, there are a few other factors that make writing excellent headlines so crucial:  

Frame the Conversation

A strong title concisely states the perspective and purpose of your content and makes it apparent what the content is about.

Consider that you are penning an article regarding current technological advances in the e-commerce sector. It could be better to rephrase the title to "5 ecommerce trends that every business owner should know" rather than "Emerging trends taking over ecommerce." Because it indicates that reading more would be bad for business, that headline attracts attention far more successfully.

Represent the voice of your brand

The tone of your brand is reflected in the headlines, whether they are amusing, sarcastic, or authoritative.

Whichever the tactic, writing headlines that reflect your personal branding plan will make your business stand out from the competition in the long run.

Consider creating humorous headlines for your blog posts or videos, such as "Lawn care suggestions for folks who don't even like clipping their own hair," if you run a lawn care company that uses a lighthearted approach to content generation. This is a fantastic method to gain supporters and come across as relatable.

Instead of stories, people exchange headlines

Note that when browsing through content, individuals don't always look past the headline.

According to a Columbia University study, the majority of links posted via social media are never even clicked, underscoring the significance of headlines in piqueing interest in online material. Even if you have the most educational article or video in the world, it could not get any attention if the headline isn't catchy.

8 suggestions for creating marketing headlines that work

It can be challenging to create the ideal headline. Fortunately, there are a number of ways you can simplify the task. Use the advice below to create headlines that are more effective at converting readers into customers:

1. Employ the active voice rather than the passive voice 

It's not always about what you say, but rather how you say it. Use the active voice while writing your headlines: "Managers use these tactics to solve labour shortage issues."

The active version, "Ways managers have dealt with labour scarcity issues," is far less powerful.

Avoid headlines that suggest an experience rather than a concrete action taken by the topic if you want to completely avoid passive voice. The phrases "managers change" and "managers start" are considerably more impactful than "managers are changing" and "managers have started," therefore try to keep the verb as close to the subject as you can.

2. Be brief 

The finest headlines are succinct, snappy, and direct. For optimum impact, headlines should typically be six words or less, or under 70 characters. When the topic is clear and straightforward, longer headlines (11 words or more) might still be interesting.

Even if your content includes a wide range of topics and subtopics, strive to come up with a headline that succinctly and succinctly sums up the content. Consider using a headline like, "Build an ecommerce business in 5 easy steps" for a post on how to launch an online store from scratch so that viewers are immediately aware of what to expect.

3. Make Sense

Avoid headlines that are verbose or difficult to understand that don't effectively describe the content. For instance, it would be inappropriate to use a headline like "Eco-friendly corporate practises" for a piece about workers' compensation or health insurance.

Avoid deviating from the topic or covering too much material at once since the greatest content conveys the message stated in the headline. Create many possible headlines if necessary, then take your time choosing the one that best suits the article's content.

4. Pique Interest

Interesting headlines are particularly good at catching readers' attention. To make the substance of your next article, video, or email more alluring, consider including some foreshadowing in the title.

A excellent example is a blog post with the headline "Most business owners don't know about these work hacks," which makes readers curious about the kind of insider information they might learn if they continue reading.

5. Use Numbers

Whether you're writing a list article or making a top 10 video, think about include a number in the headline. People prefer numbered headlines because they can frequently be read quickly without needing to fully process the content. Instead, they may quickly grasp the essence of the discussion and understand the key points of each statement.

Using numbers in a headline also makes the text easier to read by dividing it into more manageable chunks. Large blocks of text may cause some people to simply switch to another task.

6. Give a Reason to Read it

Write catchy headlines that encourage readers or viewers to keep reading or watching your content.

There are various methods for doing this. It's a good idea to state the issue and the solution in the headline. The phrase "Seeing red: 5 simple strategies to minimise business expenses" is a reference to both the problem and the solution.

Provide worthwhile, illuminating details that might be challenging to locate elsewhere. To offer your material more legitimacy and value to readers, think about incorporating pertinent facts from reliable sources.

7. Publish for your audience

Writing effective headlines requires knowing your target audience. Think about the characteristics of potential clients, their mentality, and the kind of content they are most likely to enjoy.

You should create headlines that appeal to the feminine experience if your company sells clothing mostly to women.

Similar to this, a business that mostly serves men could wish to publish content from a more macho standpoint. If you want to produce better headlines, you need also take the readers' age, income, and education into account.

8. Use strong words

Exciting or emotive language is more likely to stick out in a headline than less attention-grabbing language. 

Power words should be used whenever possible to spice up a headline. Words like "comprehensive," "guaranteed," "instantly," or "free" are examples.

Power phrases that inspire readers to act by evoking excitement are the most potent. Power words can inspire or even enchant readers while others prey on their fears or anxieties. Try adding a few power words to your titles to add intrigue if you're looking for a quick and easy technique to generate stronger headlines.

Guidelines for creating better headlines

Make sure the headline you wrote follows these four guidelines before publishing your next article.


Make headlines that suggest useful information or a solution to a frequent problem.

Mention how the information will benefit the reader and the kind of immediate benefit it offers.

Even if some consumers only read digital content for enjoyment, interesting marketing headlines should provide a reason to continue reading. Write headlines that make readers aware of the article's value, in other words.


The reader should be encouraged to act by good headlines.

Think about offering readers a remedy to a pressing quandary or recurrent issue in your article.

As was previously said, you may evoke strong feelings in your audience by using both positive and negative power phrases. This will increase their likelihood of acting decisively. If you can, attempt to connect this urgency to your company in some manner, perhaps by describing how your products or services can assist readers deal with current difficulties.


It might be challenging to stand out in the crowd with so much information being generated every day.

Take your time to craft headlines that are wholly original or reinvent a tried-and-true concept. People are attracted to novelty by nature, so always try to make your headline stand out from similar ones you see online.

Ultra Specific

On general, generic headlines are less likely to draw readers than headlines that target a specific audience.

When appropriate, try enhancing the headline with a bit more specificity before publishing your next piece of content. For instance, a blog article titled "Auto maintenance recommendations" doesn't specify the kind of car being discussed and is unlikely to offer readers a lot of extremely helpful information. An article title like "8 recommendations for maintaining secondhand trucks" concentrates the subject into a much more focused area.

The secret to creating attention-grabbing headlines

Creating effective headlines is a skill that might be difficult to develop.

To gauge the impact of your headlines on readers, try out a couple first. If some of your articles appear to be performing poorly, try altering the headline and then republishing the article.

For email marketing subject lines, where the click-through rate (CTR) is crucial to generating conversions, this formula is very helpful. In this situation, think about experimenting with A/B testing to find the most effective headlines before launching your campaign.


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