How to Start up, Shut down, Reboot or Factory reset Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro?

Elevate control with Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro! Effortlessly start up, shut down, reboot, or reset for a personalized and powerful fitness experience. Explore now.

15. Feb 2024
How to Start up, Shut down, Reboot or Factory reset Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro?

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro not only keeps you on track with your fitness goals but also offers convenient controls for starting up, shutting down, rebooting, and even performing a factory reset. In this comprehensive guide, we'll explore each process, ensuring you can navigate your Smart Band with ease.

Starting Up and Shutting Down

Automatic Shutdown: When the battery reaches a critically low level, the band will initiate an automatic shutdown to preserve power.

Manual Shutdown: Users can manually shut down the Smart Band through the device settings.

Power-On Activation: After charging, the band will automatically turn on once the power reaches the required level, usually within about 3 minutes.

Rebooting and Factory Reset

Settings Menu: Access the "Settings" menu on your Smart Band to choose between Reboot or Factory Reset.

Binding Connection Status: These operations can be performed while the band is in a binding connection status, offering flexibility in managing your device.

App Unbinding: Factory reset settings can also be achieved by unbinding the device in the accompanying mobile app.

Important Notes

Charging Cable Activation: After a shutdown, reconnect the charging cable to activate the power on the Smart Band.

Automatic Shutdown Feature: The band will automatically shut down after 10 minutes of inactivity when not bound to a device, preserving energy.

Navigating the Processes

Starting Up

Step 1 - Charge the Smart Band until the power reaches a suitable level.

Step 2 - Alternatively, manually start up through the device settings.

Shutting Down

Step 1 - Access the band settings to manually shut down.

Step 2 - Experience automatic shutdown during low battery levels.


Step 1 - Navigate to the "Settings" menu on your Smart Band.

Step 2 - Select "Reboot" for a quick restart.

Factory Reset

Step 1 - Access the "Settings" menu.

Step 2 - Choose "Factory Reset" for a complete device reset.


Mastering the startup, shutdown, reboot, and factory reset processes of your Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Pro ensures you have complete control over your device. Whether you're fine-tuning settings, troubleshooting, or looking for a fresh start, this guide empowers you to navigate the functions seamlessly, enhancing your overall Smart Band experience.

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