How to sign up for Google’s MusicLM?

In this article we will learn what is Google MusicLM? How does MusicLM work? and How to sign up for Google’s MusicLM? Follow step by step tricks to signup.

14. May 2023
How to sign up for Google’s MusicLM?

We all appreciate and express themselves via music in different ways. We are having a musical experience when we hum or sing along to our favourite songs in the shower, while driving, or simply for fun. What if we could make music just as simply as we can sing it? Imagine having access to artificial intelligence that would allow you to write your own tunes.

You can accomplish it with the help of MusicLM, an AI technology that Google announced in January. It may be trained by altering hummed or whistled tunes to fit a text caption's description of that style in addition to text-based cues like ChatGPT. In essence, you may use it to instantly turn a song that is playing in your head into real, high-fidelity music by humming it out.

How does MusicLM work?

MusicLM, which was first described in a research article, was trained on a dataset of 280,000 hours of music to produce "realistic" tunes with incredibly exact descriptions like "a calming violin melody backed by a distorted guitar riff." To get the model to create exactly what they have in mind, users may define instruments and genres like "classical" or "electronic" along with the "vibe, mood, or emotion" they are striving for.

In addition, Google showed off its capacity to modify whistled and hummed tunes in accordance with the manner specified in a caption. Not only that, but the AI model could also be fed descriptions of art in order to produce music that matched the mood of paintings.

The powers were astounding, but there were also some serious issues that surfaced. The fact that models like MusicLM might be trained on copyrighted music to produce new songs is only one of the numerous ethical issues that Google researchers noted with regards to these models. They also noticed that the model occasionally produced music that was an exact duplicate of the tracks it had been educated on.

How to sign up for Google’s MusicLM?

While anybody may register to use MusicLM, after signing up you will initially be placed on a waiting. The AI model is accessible through the web, Android, and iOS versions of the AI Test Kitchen app. Here's how to get going:

Step 1 - Go to the MusicLM website and select the "Get Started" link.

Step 2 - If a pop-up appears stating that there are only a limited number of testers available for AI Test Kitchen, click the "Register your interest" button.

Step 3 - Answer a short survey about your location and the reasons you want to join the Test Kitchen.

Step 4 - At the conclusion of the survey, log into your Google account. Make one initially if you don't already have one.

Step 5 - A Google email with access information should arrive soon. Due the great demand for the service, it can take some time.

Congratulations! You've successfully gotten on MusicLM's waiting list. Simply enter your suggestion into the text form once you have access, then sit back and wait while the AI creates music for you. For each prompt, there will be two outputs shown. Select your favourite and give it a trophy to improve the model.


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