How to Ripe Mangoes at home - 3 Easy Steps

Learn how to ripen mangoes naturally and quickly with these simple methods. Enjoy juicy and flavorful mangoes at their peak ripeness!

21. Jun 2023
How to Ripe Mangoes at home - 3 Easy Steps

Mango is a multi-purpose fruit that was originally found in Southeast Asia and is now also found in tropical regions such as South America, Mexico and the Caribbean. You can eat mangoes as is, or add them to salads, smoothies, tangy chutneys and a variety of dishes.

Mangoes are rich in potassium, beta-carotene, vitamins A and C, and fibre. The enzymes found in this fruit help in the smooth functioning of the digestive system. Mangoes are found in green, yellow and orange colours. 

While some people may prefer eating raw and astringent mangoes, this fruit tastes sweet and good only after it is fully ripe. You can follow the methods given below to ripen mangoes.

How to Ripe Mangoes?

You can follow the methods given below to ripen mangoes.

Step 1 - Place the mango in a bowl with popcorn or uncooked rice

This is an age-old trick in India where mothers hide unripe mangoes in sacks of rice to speed up the ripening process. A similar technique is used in Mexico where instead of rice, mangoes are pressed into a sack filled with corn kernels. By this process, mangoes ripen in a day or two, whereas they would have taken four to five days to ripen naturally.

  • The reason behind ripening mangoes in this way and ripening mangoes in paper-bags is the same: rice or corn kernels do not allow ethylene gas to escape from around the mangoes and this ethylene gas accelerates the process of mango ripening.
  • This remedy is so effective that sometimes there is a possibility of over-ripening of mangoes. Therefore, after pressing the mangoes in rice or maize, keep checking them every 6 to 12 hours. In this way, by taking care of mangoes from time to time, you will be able to get ripe juicy mangoes.


Step 2 - Ripen the Mango in a Newspaper or Paper Bag

Leave a paper-bag full of mangoes on the kitchen platform overnight and check their ripeness in the morning. Mangoes covered in paper-bags release ethylene, which is an odorless gas and speeds up the ripening process of mangoes. When the mangoes start smelling like fruit and they are pressed lightly, then they can be taken out of the paper-bag and eaten.

  • When you cover the mangoes with the help of paper-bag or news-paper, keep in mind that the bag is not completely closed, because some of the gas and air in it needs an open space to escape and this Mangoes don't even get moldy.
  • To speed up the ripening process of mangoes, put a sev or a banana in this bag. Bagging fruits that release ethylene will increase the amount of ethylene released and give you juicy mangoes sooner.


Step 3 - Place the unripe mango at room temperature on the kitchen surface

This task requires some time and patience. Like other fruits, mangoes also take several days to ripen but by this method you can eat the juicy pulp of mangoes naturally. When a good fruity smell starts coming from the mango and it gets suppressed on pressing, then it can be used for eating.


In conclusion, Mango ripening is a natural process that may be accelerated using a few techniques. Mangoes ripen at their own rate, so patience is essential. To enjoy delicious and perfectly ripe mangoes, follow the methods listed.


How do I know if a mango is ripe?

When a mango is ripe, it should yield slightly under gentle pressure. Additionally, the skin could start to look a little wrinkled, and you might start to smell something sweet coming from the stem end. The maturity of a mango can vary depending on its type, therefore colour is not necessarily a reliable predictor.

Can I eat a mango when it's still firm?

Although it's preferable to wait until a mango is fully ripe for the finest flavour and texture, some individuals prefer eating mangoes that are just little hard. Try eating a mango that is not quite ripe if you want something crisp and slightly acidic.

How long does it take for a mango to ripen?

Depending on the type and initial degree of ripeness, a mango can mature in a range of times. A mango will typically take between 2 and 7 days to mature at room temperature. The process of fruit ripening can also be influenced by variables like temperature and humidity.

Can I ripen mangoes in the refrigerator?

Mangoes can be stored in the refrigerator to delay ripening and increase shelf life. To improve flavour, it is typically advised to let the fruits develop at room temperature first. When they are fully mature, you may store them in the fridge to extend their freshness by a few days.

Are there any shortcuts to ripen mangoes quickly?

It's important to remember that while there are ways to speed up the ripening process, such as using a paper bag and adding ethylene-producing fruits like bananas or apples, these techniques may not always result in mangoes with the same flavour and texture as naturally ripened mangoes. Mangoes are often advised to mature naturally for the finest eating experience.

How do I store ripe mangoes?

Mangoes can be stored in the refrigerator if they are ripe and you wish to keep them there for a short time. Further ripening will be slowed by doing this. Mangoes should ideally be eaten within a few days due to the fact that chilling can alter their texture and flavour.


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