How to Rip an Audio CD on Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how to rip an audio CD on your Mac with this detailed step-by-step guide. Preserve your music collection and enjoy digital convenience easily.

22. May 2024
How to Rip an Audio CD on Mac: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ripping an audio CD on a Mac allows you to digitize your music collection, enabling you to enjoy your favorite tracks across multiple devices without the need for a physical CD. Whether you're looking to preserve old music or transfer it to your digital library, this guide will walk you through the process with clarity and precision.

Step 1: Prepare Your Materials

Before you start ripping your CD, ensure you have the following:

  • A Mac with a CD/DVD drive: If your Mac doesn’t have a built-in CD/DVD drive, you will need an external one.
  • The audio CD you want to rip.
  • iTunes (Music app in macOS Catalina and later): Ensure it is installed and updated to the latest version.

Step 2: Insert the CD

Insert the audio CD into your Mac’s CD/DVD drive. The Music app or iTunes will typically open automatically. If it doesn’t, you can open it manually by clicking on the Music app or iTunes icon in the Dock or Applications folder.

Step 3: Import Settings Configuration

Before ripping the CD, configure your import settings to ensure the audio quality meets your needs:

1. Open Preferences:

  • In the Music app, go to the menu bar, click on Music > Preferences.
  • In iTunes, click on iTunes > Preferences.

2. Adjust Import Settings:

  • In the Preferences window, click on the Files tab (Music app) or General tab (iTunes), then click Import Settings.
  • Choose your preferred Import Using format. Common options include AAC Encoder, MP3 Encoder, AIFF Encoder, and Apple Lossless Encoder. For most users, the AAC or MP3 format provides a good balance between sound quality and file size.
  • Select the Setting for the chosen format. Options range from High Quality to Custom settings where you can specify bit rates and other parameters.

Step 4: Rip the CD

1. Identify the CD:

  • In the Music app or iTunes, the inserted CD will appear under the Devices section or in the sidebar. Click on the CD to view its contents.

2. Import the Tracks:

  • You can import all tracks by clicking the Import CD button. Alternatively, you can select specific tracks by checking the boxes next to each song and then clicking Import CD.
  • If prompted to import the CD, confirm by clicking Import.

Step 5: Monitor the Import Process

Once you start the import process, a progress bar will indicate the status of each track being ripped. Depending on the length of the CD and the import settings, this process may take a few minutes.

Step 6: Access and Manage Your Ripped Music

After the import is complete, your ripped music will be available in your library. You can:

  • Create Playlists: Organize your music into playlists for easy access.
  • Edit Metadata: Update song information such as title, artist, and album by selecting the track, right-clicking, and choosing Get Info.
  • Sync with Devices: Sync your ripped music with other Apple devices via iCloud Music Library or manually through a USB connection.

Additional Tips

  • Error Correction: Enable error correction in the import settings if your CD is scratched or dirty. This helps reduce potential skips or errors during playback.
  • Backup Your Library: Regularly back up your digital music library to an external drive or cloud storage to prevent data loss.


Ripping an audio CD on a Mac is a straightforward process that allows you to digitize and enjoy your music with convenience. By following these steps, you can ensure that your favorite tracks are preserved and accessible across all your devices. Whether for archival purposes or everyday listening, digitizing your CD collection enhances your music experience in today's digital age.

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