How to Reduce Server Response Times (TTFB)?

The first step to improving server response times is to identify the core conceptual tasks that your server must complete in order to return page content and then determine how long each of these tasks takes.

1. Feb 2023
How to Reduce Server Response Times (TTFB)?

The time it takes for the browser to receive the first byte in response to the request sent by the browser is known as the TTFB. TTFB (Time to First Byte) is also known as server response time. 

Slow Server Response Times affect Performance

When the browser waits more than 600 milliseconds for the server to respond to the main document request, the audit fails. When pages take a lengthy time to load, users find it annoying. One potential reason for lengthy page loads is slow server response times.

Users' web browsers make a network request to fetch content when they navigate to a URL. Your server responds with the page's content after receiving the request.

In order to return a page with all of the users' desired material, the server might have to put in a lot of work. For instance, the server must retrieve each user's history from a database and then insert it into the website if users want to view their order history.

One strategy to decrease the amount of time users have to wait for pages to load is to optimise the server to complete tasks like this as quickly as possible.

How to Reduce Server Response Times (TTFB)?

The first step to improving server response times is to find the core conceptual tasks that your server must complete in order to return webpages, and then calculate how long each of these tasks takes. Once you have identified the longest tasks, search for ways to improve them.

There are several possible reasons why servers respond slowly, and hence several possible solutions: 

  • Improve the application logic on the server to faster page preparation. The server framework you choose might offer suggestions on how to go about doing this.
  • Improve your server's database query performance or switch to a more faster database solution.
  • Upgrade the memory and CPU on your server hardware.


How does Server Response Time affect page performance?

When a user requests your page, the server must receive this request, process it, create an acceptable response, and transmit the requested page resources back to the user.

The effectiveness of the application code, latency, network transfer rates, and server performance are just a few of the variables that affect this entire process.

To put it simply, your TTFB is impacted if any of these components is slow.


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