How to Recover Overwritten Files Effortlessly and Quickly

Have you ever had to deal with an overwritten file issue? This post will teach you how to easily and safely recover overwritten files.

30. Apr 2023
How to Recover Overwritten Files Effortlessly and Quickly

Have you ever had to deal with a file that was overwritten? If so, this is the place to resolve the issue. Old data is lost when a file is rewritten, which can lead to mistakes, corrupted files, or the loss of highly valuable information.

Some people purposefully overwrite their files or directories in order to completely remove the previous contents. However, some people unintentionally carry it out. That is why many individuals are interested in finding overwritten files.

How to Recover Overwritten Files Effortlessly and Quickly?

The short answer is that you can restore your old data, even if it has been changed, by using a variety of techniques or alternatives. This thing, though, only applies in certain situations. Additionally, there are some tools that are readily available on the market that assist you in retrieving your previous data. Here, we'll go over each potential resolution to this issue in greater detail.

Step 1 - Things to Know Before Learning How to Retrieve Overwritten Files

Understanding what overwritten files are and why they happen is crucial. A file that has been accidentally overwritten indicates that fresh data has accidentally replaced older data. This causes data loss, and depending on a number of criteria that we shall explore later, a person may or may not be able to retrieve such information. However, the following are some instances of modified files:

  1. You mistakenly saved the updated version of your file while making some fresh modifications to it to check their effects exclusively.
  2. If you accidentally save a file with the same name while you already have two files with the same name, the computer will overwrite the older file with the newer one.
  3. In addition to human error, many software faults or viruses might result in modified files or folders.
  4. Last but not least, if your operating system malfunctions, it could lead to altered data, particularly if the issue happens when storing new files.


Step 2 - Is It Possible To Recover Overwritten Files?

On online question and answer sites like Quora, "Can overwritten files be recovered?" is a common query. In fact, if you don't regularly backup your files, it can be challenging to restore overwritten files.

You needn't worry about it, though, even if you don't have this habit. Additionally, there are some efficient ways to recover overwritten files. Your task will be completed if you just follow a few easy steps. We will discuss appropriate solutions for both Windows and Mac, depending on whether you are using one of these operating systems.

Step 3 - File Recovery from Overwriting on Windows 10

For files you have on a Mac, there are different ways to retrieve modified data than there are for Windows. So, we'll talk about each one separately. The following are additional options for Windows 10 to recover overwritten files.

3.1 Recover Overwritten Files Using the Data Recovery Tool

Are you still trying to figure out how to recover changed files? Give the data recovery programme Tenorshare 4DDiG a try. Windows 10 users frequently use this tool to recover overwritten files. 

Anyone can use this software with only a little practise thanks to its user-friendly interface. Additionally, thanks to its privacy policy, the information retrieved with the aid of this practical tool is kept secure.

Step 4 - Recover Overwritten Files on Mac

However, there are also three other ways to recover overwritten files on a Mac.

4.1 Using a Time Machine to Recover Overwritten Files

On a Mac, you can recover overwritten files using Time Machine, a backup programme that aids in recovering the crucial data you lost as a result of overwriting. The steps are as follows: 

  1. Link the Time Machine backup DVD on your computer.
  2. Search the location where the files you wish to restore are located. A timeline will make it simple for you to locate the needed file.
  3. From the Time Machine Menu, choose Enter Time Machine.
  4. Once you've chosen the appropriate file, click the Restore button.

Note - The technique is only useful if your time machine backup is set up. If not, choose one of the alternative methods to retrieve your deleted data.

4.2 Recover Overwritten Files by AutoSave Feature

You can also retrieve the appropriate files without using Time Machine with the use of AutoSaved capabilities. With this feature, old versions of the changes you made to a file continue to be saved. Therefore, by following these steps, you can retrieve your old data:

  1. In the same location, make a new file with the same name as the one you overwrote.
  2. Choose "File" from the menu after opening the file.
  3. Select "Explore All Versions" after choosing the "Revert to" option from the menu.
  4. Select the version you want from a list of all the versions that will appear.
  5. Select Restore after choosing the file location. Since the previous version of your file is now accessible to you, you will be able to retrieve it.


4.3 Recover Overwritten Files Using 4DDiG

Utilising the previously mentioned tool 4DDiG is your third choice. This programme for data recovery is available for Mac users as well as Windows users. The primary features it provides for Mac users are listed below.

  1. Results will be obtained quickly because scanning the relevant files doesn't take long.
  2. With this tool, there is a good chance that you will be able to recover your previous data.
  3. On a Mac, file recovery is possible without the use of SIP.
  4. All Mac-based devices are covered, including USB, digital cameras, etc.
  5. This programme may be used with many different operating systems and chips, including T2 and MacOS Ventura.



All of the information listed above can help you quickly and successfully retrieve changed files. We have gathered every method imaginable for you to retrieve data on Windows or Mac. Don't pass up the advantages of using the 4DDiG programme, which is appropriate for Windows and Mac files, if you don't have a habit of regularly backing up your files or forget to do so sometimes.


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