How to pair Powerbeats Pro with iPhone?

Powerbeats Pro Troubleshooting and Solutions. How to activate Siri or other voice assistants in Powerbeats Pro? How to check the charge level in Powerbeats Pro? and more...

17. Jan 2023
How to pair Powerbeats Pro with iPhone?

If you have Powerbeats Pro Earbuds - Then this Article is for you - check all questions with answers and solutions -  

How to pair Powerbeats Pro with iPhone?

Make sure the most recent iOS is installed on your iPhone. With earphones seated in the case and lid open, hold near unlocked iPhone with Bluetooth on and follow onscreen instructions. 

How to pair Powerbeats Pro with an Android device?

Download and connect. Open Google Play Store or scan the QR code to download the Beats app. Once the application is installed, open the case and hold near the Android device.

How to pair Powerbeats Pro with additional Bluetooth devices?

Press the system button until the LED begins to blink white with the earphones sealed in the case and lid open. Then Select Powerbeats Pro in the Bluetooth menu.

Can I control Powerbeats Pro from both earphones?

The controls are fully replicated on each earphone. Use the ‘b’ button for call and track controls. The volume rocker is located on the top bridge.

How to activate Siri or other voice assistants in Powerbeats Pro?

Say “Hey Siri” or hold the ‘b’ button on either earphone to activate Siri or other compatible voice assistant devices.

How to charge Powerbeats Pro earbuds?

Powerbeats Pro are charging while seated in the case with the lid closed. Charge the case using the lightning cable.

How to check the charge level in Powerbeats Pro?

Check charge status on iPhone with latest iOS. With the product in case, open lid and hold near unlocked iPhone to check remaining charge on Powerbeats Pro.



How to customize the fit of Powerbeats Pro?

Find your fit with adjustable earhooks. For a more secure fit, hold the stem and firmly push the earhook down. Change eartips if necessary for improved comfort and sound quality.

Can I wear just one earbud of Powerbeats Pro?

Yes - either earbud can be used on its own with up to 9 hours of battery life per earbud.

How to pair Powerbeats Pro with iPhone or Android device?

Powerbeats Pro is ready to pair right out of the box. For iOS devices, simply open the case and hold near your unlocked device. For Android devices, visit the Google Play store and download the Beats app for one-touch pairing. You can also simply use the Bluetooth menu in your device.
For additional pairing, make sure you have your earbuds in the charging case. Open the case, and hold down the small circular button until the LED on the outside of the case begin to blink. This indicates your Powerbeats Pro are now ready to pair.

How waterproof / water resistant are these in Powerbeats Pro?

Powerbeats Pro are rated IPX4, which means they are resistant to sweat and water splashing from any direction.

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