How to Know my Mobile Phone is Hacked or Not?

26. Nov 2022
How to Know my Mobile Phone is Hacked or Not?

You think that your phone is hacked? If your phone being hacked, it starts giving some signals. Have you ever wondered how hackers hack phone? Some popular methods are used for this. Let's know these details.

Many times you heard that someone's phone or computer has been hacked. We keep getting to know the news related to hacking, but the question is, how do hackers do this? Means your phone or social media account how they are hacked and how can you protect yourself from these methods of hacking.

Hacking Software - Most popular method is used by Hackers to Hack your phone with the help of software. For this, hackers either put such software in your phone themselves or use any phishing mail or send some promotional message like loan offer or you have received money.  For this, hackers use two types of software. One very popular name is Trojan. And the second way is of key-logging.

Key logging, it works like a stalker. With the help of this type of software present in your phone, hackers get to know what you are typing, where you are tapping on the phone screen and with whom you are talking on the phone.

Trojan is to steal essential data from the phone. With the help of this type of malware, hackers can steal credit card details, personal information and much more from your phone.


Here are some signs of phone being hacked

If you think that someone has hacked your phone, then you can easily check it. Actually, some of its signals will be visible in your phone. We have discussed some such signs below.

  • Your phone's battery drains fast when hacked.
  • Your smartphone will work slow and will get hot soon.
  • Many apps in your Phone will stop on the go or the phone will turn off and turn on itself.
  • You will spend more data than you need in the smartphone. In this, you will also see extra SMS and other charges.


In what ways are people trapped?


  • The easiest and popular way of this is phishing attack. You can guess this type of attack from its name itself. Just like fish are trapped by bait, in the same way hackers trap people through phishing mail, offer or SMS. Hackers send an unknown link in a mail or message and as soon as you click on it, malware is installed in your phone.
  • Another way is Bluetooth hacking. Professional hackers use such devices, who are looking for vulnerable devices. If the Bluetooth of your phone is always on, then hackers can hack your phone from a distance of 30 feet.
  • SIM card swapping is also a popular hacking method. In the year 2019, the SIM card of even the CEO of Twitter was hacked through swapping. For this type of swapping, hackers call your SIM operator on your base and demand SIM replacement. As soon as the hacker gets a new SIM card, your original SIM card stops working.


How can you keep yourself safe?


  • If you want to keep yourself safe in the internet world, then it's very important for you to be active. It is not that by making just one setting you can secure yourself forever. You have to constantly maintain such a practice, so that you do not make any mistake and do not get trapped in the hackers' trap.
  • Always keep updating your phone. Keep updating not only the phone but also the apps being used in the device, so that hackers do not get any loophole.
  • Always use strong and unique passwords to keep your online lifestyle secure.
  • Use 2 way Authentication for Google, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and for more apps. 
  • Avoid using public WiFi, charging stations.
  • Do not click on any unknown link, even if that message has been sent by someone you know.
  • Keep Bluetooth and WiFi off when not in use.


Note - We can not guarantee that the information on this page is 100% correct. Some article is created with help of AI.


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