How to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe and Happy?

Although letting your cat roam free outside may be alluring, there are dangers and risks associated with doing so. How to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe and Happy?

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12. May 2023
How to Keep Your Outdoor Cat Safe and Happy?

The freedom to roam the vast outdoors and the comfort and safety of our homes are things that cat owners want for their feline pets. There are hazards and dangers associated with letting your cat go outside, despite the temptation. Make sure your cat is safe and content if they insist on spending time outside.



Access Outside in Safety

It's crucial to first and foremost provide your cat the freedom to enter the house whenever they like. Cats are independent animals that require the freedom to come and go whenever they wish. To prevent becoming caught outside, make sure your cat has access to a cat door or an open window.

This provides them with a secure location to flee to in the event of danger, fear, or even just the want to take a cat nap inside. 

Easy Water Access 

Make sure your outdoor cat has access to clean water at all times. Because cats seldom feel thirsty, it is up to you as their owner to get them to drink more water. Cats are renowned for not drinking nearly enough water. 

After a few hours of being outside, they will undoubtedly become thirsty, so think about supplying them with a water fountain or a self-filling water dish! To stop other animals from taking your cat's food, it's a good idea to exclusively feed them inside.

Road Safety for Cats

It's a sad fact that outdoor cats live shorter lives than inside cats, and one major contributing factor is traffic. If you reside near or on a busy road, your cat should ideally only be indoors. You may teach your cat to stay in your garden and the immediate area instead. To protect their safety, you might also accompany them outside and keep an eye on their time spent outside. 

Microchips and GPS Trackers
Your cat must have a collar with your current contact information on it if it goes outside. A GPS tracker that you may attach to their collar is another option. This can assist you in monitoring your cat's location and ensuring that they don't go too far from the house. 

Make sure your cat has a current microchip with your contact information on it in case they are hurt or lost outside, or if their collar gets misplaced while they're travelling. 

Preventing Fleas and Ticks

Even if your cat is a house cat, you should still treat it for fleas and ticks. The control of fleas and ticks is essential if your cat does go outside. These widespread parasites have been linked to a number of health issues, including skin rashes, infections, and disease transmission. 

The finest flea and tick treatment for your cat may be discussed with your veterinarian. There are several therapies available, including as topical creams and oral drugs. To guarantee that your cat is safe, be sure to carefully follow the directions. Tall grass and other plants are ideal habitats for fleas and ticks. Keeping your lawn neat and mowing it frequently might help lower the chance of pests.

Check your cat frequently for fleas and ticks, especially after being outside. Look for any indications of skin irritation or itching, as well as tiny, black flecks on their skin and fur.


Some cats can be taught to walk on a leash, but it could take some time and persistence. They can accomplish this while staying under your observation and control and exploring the outdoors safely. For your cat's physical and emotional health as well as to keep them safe from any dangers, it's crucial to give them secure outside access. You may contribute to the safety and health of your outdoor cat by adhering to a few basic recommended practises.


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