How to install the iOS 17 beta on your iPhone

Learn how to install the iOS 17 beta on your iPhone and explore the latest features. Upgrade your device and provide valuable feedback.

5. Jun 2023
How to install the iOS 17 beta on your iPhone

Apple announces and showcases the next iPhone operating system every June at WWDC, but the final version doesn't really go on sale until the autumn (often in September). What if you want to use the new features right now and don't want to wait that long? You must set up the beta!

With assistance from programmers and beta testers, Apple works on the future version (iOS 17 in 2023) between June and September. It's simple to join if you want to test out the new operating system.

We outline the procedures for obtaining the most recent iOS beta in this article. Here, we go through how to download and run an iOS beta on your iPhone as well as how to sign up for Apple's beta programmes.

Even after the release of the final version, beta testers might continue to get early software upgrades. After the September release, iOS continues to be developed with a succession of "point releases" (such as iOS 16.1, iOS 16.2, etc.) that introduce new features that weren't there at launch and solve bugs and security problems.



Release date of iOS 17 beta

We anticipate that the first developer beta of iOS 17 will come in a similar manner following the presentation on June 5, 2023, much as the first developer beta of iOS 16 did after the WWDC 2022 keynote on June 6, 2022. Following the presentation, Apple typically releases the first beta so that developers can start checking to see if their apps function as intended.

The release of iOS's public beta is still a few weeks away. We anticipate that iOS 17 will launch around the same time as iOS 16, maybe on July 10, 2022. The first public beta of iOS 16 was released on July 11, 2022.

How to get iOS 17 beta

If you are a developer and you have paid for membership in the Apple Developer Programme, you can access the developer beta. As a developer, you may register here. The annual fee is $99. You must sign up for Apple's beta programmes on their website if you want to access the public beta. 

How to install iOS 17 Developer Beta

Developers are given access to each level of the iOS development cycle before public beta testers. This is the version to use if you're a developer and need to test your apps against the most recent OS release. You must be signed up as an Apple developer. The annual membership fee for the Apple Developer Programme is $99.

Are you prepared? Okay! Here are simple steps for installing the iOS developer beta:

1. Visit to sign up for the Apple developer programme.

2. Tap General then Software Update after opening the Settings app.

3. Select the iOS Developer Beta under the Beta Updates section.

By choosing iOS Public Beta on the Software Update page, registered developers can chose to obtain the Public Beta instead.

You have to download and activate a beta profile on your device prior to iOS 16.4. Apple will only verify that your Apple ID is a registered developer starting with iOS 16.4 and grant access in the Software Update menu if it is. Your iPhone might need to restart for the option to show up.

Some programmers have a separate Apple ID registered for developer access from the one linked to their personal Apple account and data. Open Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates and choose the Apple ID at the bottom of the screen to access the beta programme using a different Apple ID from the one used to access iOS in general.

How to install the iOS 17 Public Beta

The developer beta is, as its name implies, exclusively available to developers, but Apple also offers a beta testing programme for anybody who want to try out the new features. The developer betas are always ahead of the public ones. With iOS 16.4, getting the beta no longer requires downloading and activating a profile. Simply enrol and choose the beta version from Settings' software updates menu.

The following procedures can be used to install the iOS public beta.

Step 1 - On the Apple Beta page, click Sign Up to sign up using your Apple ID.

Step 2 - Open the Beta Software Programme and log in.

Step 3 - On your iOS device, click Enrol.

Step 4 - Tap General then Software Update after opening the Settings app.

Step 5 - Choose the iOS Public Beta under the Beta Updates heading.

You have to download and activate a beta profile prior to iOS 16.4. Now, before granting access, Apple's servers will just verify that your Apple ID is registered for the Public (or Developer) beta. Your iPhone might need to restart for the option to show up.

Some customers have a separate Apple ID registered for beta access from the one linked to their normal Apple account and data. Open Settings > General > Software Update > Beta Updates and choose the Apple ID at the bottom of the screen to use a different Apple ID for beta access than is used throughout the rest of iOS.

What is Beta Version?

Betas are test versions that have not yet been released. Before going live, every iOS update has a beta testing period, from minor adjustments like iOS 15.5.1 to major game-changers like iOS 16. 

There are public betas (available to anybody interested) and developer betas (available to registered software developers only). Before a significant launch, both types go through several versions—probably a half-dozen.

Risks and safety measures

First and foremost, keep in mind that betas are test releases of impending software. Since they are by definition incomplete, there will unavoidably be visual variations and issues that need to be resolved, even if they should contain the majority or all of the functionality found in the final product. Apple tests iOS in beta in the first place because of the bugs and issues.

To put it another way, don't anticipate a flawless user experience. Don't count on current apps, even ones you may depend on, to function flawlessly with the new version. In extreme situations, you could even discover that the beta bricked your gadget, rendering it useless until the next beta, which would hopefully cure the issue. Early beta software frequently displays issues like high battery use.

The betas that are now available should become more polished and feature-complete as we approach closer to the official launch and iOS version. Of course, that will also mean that there will be less time until the official launch, so installing a beta won't provide you as much in the way of benefits.

We can't emphasise enough how crucial it is to back up your iPhone before installing an iOS beta, or even better, utilise a spare device rather than your primary iPhone if you decide to proceed. If something goes wrong when installing the beta, you won't lose everything, and you'll be able to revert to the previous version if you decide you don't like the new software after all or that it's too buggy.


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