How to Get Hired in Google?

Your roadmap to a Google career success. Expert insights, interview tips, and a step-by-step guide to securing your dream job at Google.

19. Sep 2023
How to Get Hired in Google?

Getting hired by Google is a dream of many employees but its not easy. Google is one of the most innovative and influential tech companies in the world. However, achieving this aim requires careful planning and preparation given the intense competition in the employment market. But don't worry in this article we will cover all strategies and steps which you can follow to increase your chance to hire by Google. 

How to Get Hired in Google?

1. Build an Impressive Resume

A resume is the first step on your path to a career with Google. A presentation of your achievements, abilities, and contributions should be included rather than just a list of previous employment experiences. Create a CV that is tailored to the particular position you are interested in, highlighting any relevant experience.

2. Education and Skills

Google values education and having a strong educational background can be an advantage. Continually improve both your technical and soft abilities, such as teamwork, problem-solving, and programming languages.

3. Online Presence

Make sure you have a strong online presence. Create and maintain a LinkedIn profile that highlights your achievements, abilities, and recommendations. Consider adding to open-source projects on websites like GitHub if you're a developer to show off your abilities.

4. Networking

When looking for a job, networking is an effective strategy. Participate in industry events, meetings, and tech conferences. To learn more about the corporate culture at Google, network with current and past workers on professional forums and ask for informative interviews.

5. Apply Online

To view job vacancies, go to Google's official careers page at When submitting your application, make sure your cover letter and CV reflect Google's values and goals. Make sure to apply for jobs that closely match your experience and skill set.

6. Prepare for Interviews

Interviewing at Google is highly competitive. Make sure you're prepared for technical, behavioral, and problem-solving interviews. Here's how to approach them:

Technical Interviews: Review the principles of computer science and practise coding problems on platforms like LeetCode and HackerRank.

Behavioral Interviews: Get ready to talk about your experiences, leadership abilities, and how you overcame obstacles in past situations.

7. System Design

Be prepared to demonstrate your knowledge of system design for technical positions. Recognise the concepts of architecture, scalability, and distributed systems.

8. Googley Qualities

Google promotes qualities like curiosity, flexibility, and a drive to have an impact. Showcase how you meet these criteria during interviews.

9. Feedback and Improvement

Don't be discouraged if you don't go past the interview stage. Ask for interviewers' criticism to learn where you may improve. Make the most of this criticism to improve your interview performance and abilities.

10. Persistence

Before getting the job of their dreams, many successful Googlers submitted several applications. The key is perseverance. Continue to learn, develop your experience, and apply.

11. Stay Updated

Keep up with the latest tech trends, Google's products, and the corporate culture. Being passionate about Google's purpose might help you stand out.

12. Consider Internships

Google frequently recruits interns who go on to work there full-time. Applying for internships might be a great way to get started.

13. Soft Skills

Build up your cooperation, problem-solving, and communication abilities. These attributes are highly valued by Google.

The aim of being employed by Google is difficult, but attainable with careful preparation, constant self-improvement, and dedication. You may improve your chances of landing a desired position at one of the most cutting-edge tech businesses by following these instructions and emulating Google's core principles. Wishing you success as you pursue your goal of joining Google!


Is it really difficult to get hired at Google?

Yes, it is. Google has a reputation for having a difficult hiring procedure and fierce competition. However, it is feasible to land a job at Google with the correct qualifications, diligence, and preparedness.

What qualifications does Google look for in candidates?

Google values education, particularly in industries like engineering and computer science. Additionally, they look for those that possess excellent technical expertise, problem-solving capabilities, and soft qualities like cooperation and communication.

How important is networking in getting hired at Google?

Gaining knowledge about the corporate culture and establishing connections with current or former Google workers may both be accomplished through networking. Although not required, it may be useful.

What's the best way to prepare for Google interviews?

Preparation is key. Practise coding challenges and go over computer science concepts before technical interviews. Consider your experiences and how they exhibit Google-like traits in preparation for behavioural interviews.

Can I apply for multiple positions at Google simultaneously?

Yes, you are welcome to apply for as many opportunities as possible that fit your skills and preferences. For each unique position, customise your application.

How long does the Google hiring process typically take?

The period between submitting an application and receiving an offer might vary, but it frequently requires going through numerous rounds of interviews.

What if I don't pass the interviews at Google?

Ask interviewers for comments if you don't succeed on your first try to determine where you can improve. Before getting employed, many Googlers submit several applications.

Is it necessary to have a technical background to work at Google?

Google also employs for non-technical positions in fields like marketing, design, and human resources, even though technical occupations sometimes need for a technical experience. Create an application that reflects your skills.

Does Google offer internships, and can they lead to full-time positions?

Yes, Google does provide internships, which can lead to full-time employment. Many past interns have gone on to work at Google full-time.

What's the most important quality Google looks for in candidates?

Google looks for traits like curiosity, flexibility, and a drive to have a good influence. When applying for jobs, exhibiting these traits might help you stand out.


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