How to Fix YouTube Upload Date? Make Video Visible

Adjusting the zoom level of the current YouTube page in the browser to see the upload video date is one of the simplest fixes for the majority of users.

22. Apr 2023
How to Fix YouTube Upload Date? Make Video Visible

The most well-known video streaming sites in the world, including YouTube, offer everything from game streams to well-liked cooking shows, motion pictures, and TV shows. In addition to being the biggest online video platform, it is the second most visited website behind Google.

YouTube should continue to be the biggest platform in its industry in the years to come. However, YouTube is not faultless because it occasionally experiences errors and difficulties. Recently, viewers have begun to complain that the 'upload date' has vanished from the video information on a number of YouTube Videos. 

The best solutions to correct YouTube upload dates that are hidden on YouTube videos are discussed in this post. Additionally, we've talked about why YouTube doesn't display the upload date. 

Why Doesn’t YouTube Show Upload Date?

YouTube does not display the upload date for each specific video for a variety of reasons. The fact that the video was originally uploaded before YouTube started tracking and displaying upload dates is one rationale that could apply. 

The film may have been uploaded secretly or to an unlisted channel, which is another explanation. The video's posting date wouldn't be viewable to the general public in that situation. Additionally, it's likely that the channel owner purposefully disguised the upload date.

Perhaps this is because the organisation or business that uploaded the video wants to keep its videos private. Therefore, there are a number of ways you can try to examine a video's upload date if you want to see how old it is.

Best Ways To Fix Youtube Upload Dates

You shouldn't be concerned if you've observed that the YouTube upload date is no longer shown on your device; you're not the only one. This problem has recently been brought up by a lot of people, and it appears to be connected to an update to YouTube's algorithm. The best ways to change YouTube upload dates are shown below. 

Using Chrome Extension To View Upload Date 

Use of the well-liked Google Chrome extension YouTube Upload Time is one of the most trustworthy ways to see the precise date and time of a certain YouTube video. To display the precise date and time of the video submitted on the YouTube Platform, this plugin makes use of the Google API. 

The steps for installing and using this extension are listed below. To install this extension, first launch the Google Chrome web store on your browser. Open the YouTube video you want to know more about, then click the installed extension to find out when it was uploaded.

Additionally, this extension allows you to change time zones so that you may see the date and time the chosen video was uploaded in the format of your choice. It is among the simplest and easist ways to view the date that a YouTube video was uploaded. 

Deleting Browsing Data

Deleting all of your browser data is a different approach you might try to resolve this issue. In order to choose which surfing data to erase, first navigate to the clear browsing data tab in your browser's options.

Just choose Cache and Cookies from the menu now, and make sure All Time is selected for the Time range. After that, click the Clear now button to erase all of your internet history.

Finally, open your video again on YouTube and restart your browser. It should now function normally without any problems. 

Changing the Zoom Level on a YouTube Video

The majority of users report success with it, making it one of the simplest solutions to the problem. To view the date that a video was uploaded, simply change the zoom level of the current YouTube page in your browser. Changing the zoom level to 90% or 125% will enable you to achieve your goals. 

Start by opening a YouTube video that has this problem in your browser. Then, to zoom out or in on the page, you must simultaneously click the Ctrl and - or + buttons on your keyboard. 

To check whether the uploaded video date is clearly visible or not, simply reload the website. Many users have already reported success with this method. 

Using the Online YouTube Metadata Tool

You can utilise the YouTube Metadata web tool in addition to the Chrome extension to expose all the details related to any YouTube video, including the date and time of upload. You can find some information on using this tool here. 

To start, you must copy the YouTube video's URL to your clipboard. Next, enter the copied link in the search field of the YouTube Metadata online tool. Simply click the Submit button at this point to produce the search results.

Last but not least, scroll down the page to the Video section, where you can see the precise day and hour the video was uploaded to YouTube.

Switch To Tablet View

Change the orientation of any YouTube video by selecting the Tablet view in your browser to show the video's upload date. Start by opening any video on YouTube, doing a right-click, and selecting the Inspect option. 

To change the screen view or orientation, you must next click the Smartphone or Tablet view button.

The video upload date should now be easily visible beneath your current YouTube video.

Implementing a Third-Party Tool 

Even though we wouldn't exactly advise you to utilise this method, if all else fails, you can use any of the many third-party tools that are readily available online to determine the precise upload date of a specific movie. 

For Chrome or Chromium-based browsers like Edge, you can test out several browser extensions. 

Additionally, you can use any web service from a third party to obtain all pertinent details about a YouTube video by simply providing a link to the video. 

These are the best approaches to replacing missing YouTube upload dates for videos. To get the most current YouTube videos on a particular subject, search for the subject and then sort the results by "upload date."

You must choose "upload date" from the "sort by" drop-down option that appears near the top of the page. It is the greatest method for locating recent YouTube videos. We can only hope that the developers will find a quick solution so that YouTube users may once more view the upload date of the films. 



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