How to Fix TikTok Keeps Logging Me Out Randomly?

Experiencing TikTok login issues? Discover why you're logged out and how to troubleshoot login problems for seamless access to your account.

18. Dec 2023
How to Fix TikTok Keeps Logging Me Out Randomly?

If you experience frequent and inexplicable TikTok logouts, you may wonder, "Why does TikTok keep logging me out?" or perhaps "What triggers TikTok's automatic logouts?" This thorough tutorial seeks to allay these worries by providing doable solutions to the platform's persistent problem of sudden logouts.

Why Does TikTok Keep Logging Me Out?

If you frequently encounter unexpected logouts from TikTok, it may interfere with your smooth usage of the app. This difficulty might be caused by a number of factors:

App Updates and Compatibility: Frequent logouts may occur due to an incompatibility between the current version of the app and the operating system on your device.

Cache and Data Issues: Unusual behaviours, such as repeated logouts, may be caused by corrupted app data or accumulated cache.

Account Security Measures: TikTok's security protocols might interpret certain activities or settings as potential risks, leading to automatic logouts.

How to Fix TikTok Keeps Logging Me Out?

Step 1 - Check Your Internet Connection

A stable internet connection is vital for TikTok login. Check connection by running other apps. Unreliable or inaccessible internet could make it difficult to log in, thus troubleshooting is necessary to guarantee smooth TikTok login operations.

Step 2 - Update TikTok

Running an outdated TikTok version could occasionally cause bugs that result in unintentional logouts and login issues. This can be fixed by going to the Google Play Store or programme Store and downloading the most recent version for the programme. This usually fixes these persistent login problems.

Step 3 - Account Security Review

Check your TikTok account settings to make sure that no security features—such as two-factor authentication or privacy settings—are causing the account to log out at random.

Step 4 - Check Device Compatibility

It is essential that the operating system on your device and the most recent TikTok version work together seamlessly. Unexpected logouts might result from incompatibilities. Checking for compatibility is essential since inconsistent versions might cause the programme to become unstable and often and unexpectedly lock users out.

Step 5 - Clear App Cache and Data

You can clear the TikTok app's cache and data by navigating to the device settings, which is an essential step in troubleshooting strange app behavior. This procedure successfully removes possibly corrupted files, promoting enhanced functioning and fixing recurring problems with the application.

Step 6 - Reset Your TikTok Password

If above step not work, you can reset your TikTok Password by following below steps -

  • Tap "Sign up," then access "Log in" at the page's base.
  • Select "Use phone/email/username."
  • Select "Email/Username" and tap "Forgot password?"
  • Proceed to reset via Phone number or Email, ensuring a secure password update for account protection.


Step 7 - Reinstall TikTok

If none of the above work, you can try uninstalling and reinstalling TikTok app. After doing this, try logging into the app again. 

Step 8 - Contact TikTok Support for Assistance

If none of the above solutions work, contact TikTok on Twitter and report your problem for help.


Although sudden TikTok logouts might be annoying, you can reduce the impact by taking these preventative measures. You can frequently quickly fix the problem by updating the app, verifying compatibility, deleting data and cache, and making sure account security. Remember that TikTok's support staff is there to help you solve this confusing situation if it continues.

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