How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Lines on Mac Screen?

Do the bottom and top of your MacBook Pro screen begin to display menacing horizontal lines? Solution - How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Lines on Mac Screen?

11. May 2023
How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Lines on Mac Screen?

We choose MacBooks since they are excellent and ultimately dependable premium computers. Therefore, the lack of bottom screen lines on the MacBook Pro might be disturbing. We get shivers just thinking about repair expenses.

The good news is that you may attempt a variety of fixes to see if they help for lines on the MacBook screen. Let's examine tried-and-true solutions in this post based on the hue and orientation of the black lines on the MacBook screen. 

What are the Symptoms?

  • Grey or black horizontal lines that are often 1-2 cm "tall" begin to appear on the MacBook Pro screen from the bottom border (and occasionally the top). This band of lines frequently strobes or flickers.
  • The problem typically arises after prolonged heavy use of the laptop. With time, it progressively becomes bigger.
  • If you shut down the MacBook and let it cool for a few hours, the lines could fully vanish. Of course, the extent of the damage will determine this. It could be fully reversible in the early phases. In the worst situation, the gadget is rendered useless since the entire screen is covered in lines.


Why Do Black Lines Appear on My MacBook's Screen?

Usually, there are a number of causes for the bottom-screen black lines on MacBook Pros, including:

Heating Issue

Your MacBook won't receive enough airflow if you use it on your lap instead on a hard desk. The MacBook Pro screen may have black lines that become stronger the longer you use it due to heating difficulties. It can be caused by warmth brought on by dust buildup on your fans.

Physical Damage

Despite being far more durable than comparable laptops the screen of your MacBook may have been accidentally impacted.

Software Issue

Driver and software problems exist, or your power management software may need to be reinstalled if it isn't functioning.


If your drivers are outdated or faulty, it might be causing your MacBook Pro's bottom screen to have black lines.

How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Lines on Mac Screen?

Allow Your Mac Some Time to Cool Down

If your MacBook is overheating, turn it off and let it cool over night. You are safe and don't need to be concerned about the "MacBook Pro black lines bottom screen" if the issue doesn't come back after using it for a few hours.

Restart your Mac

Sometimes the problem is just cache memory that has been spilled, in which case restarting your computer will fix the MacBook Pro black lines on the bottom screen problem. So try to Resart your Mac.

Check Connection

Check to see if the charging cord is connected properly or, if you use an external display, see if the cable is attached. Black lines on the bottom of the MacBook Pro's screen might occasionally be the result of a bad cable. Try a different cable to see if it fixes the problem.

Disable Graphics Card Switching

When switching between the built-in and dedicated GPUs, MacBooks with dual video cards may result in black lines on the bottom of the MacBook Pro screen. By navigating to the System Preferences from the Apple Menu and unchecking, you may entirely disable this function.

Implement Maintenance Scripts

Using the Terminal programme, which can be found under the black lines at the bottom of the MacBook Pro screen, is the simplest way to execute a maintenance script on your Mac. If you've enabled it in the options, you may have it repeat itself by typing "sudo periodic daily weekly monthly". However, you must access the utilities included in the Applications folder, which is accessed through the Finder, in order to launch the Terminal software.

Reset SMC or PRAM

You may reset them as necessary. Corrupt files in any of them might prevent your system from operating at its best and may result in MacBook Pro horizontal lines on the screen. By turning your MacBook off, disconnecting all attachments, and waiting 10 to 15 minutes, you may reset the SMC, or System Management Control.

Hold the Command, Option, P, and R buttons together until you hear the distinctive Apple starting sound if you wish to reset PRAM.

Reinitialize or Upgrade the MacOS System

Your macOS may have flaws that may only be fixed by updating to the newest OS or initialising it after time and cache compilation. The Software Updates menu contains the most recent upgrade. Select System Preferences from the Apple Menu to get there. This can usually effectively fix your MacBook Pro's bottom screen black lines problems.

How to Fix MacBook Pro Black Lines Bottom Screen Without Data Loss?

To fix MacBook screen issues, a third party tool like Tenorshare ReiBoot is the best option. It can repair software issues, reinstall macOS, and more. Tenorshare is special software that quickly enters recovery mode and has free repair features for Macs. It can fix issues like the Apple logo, black screens, and frozen screens. It supports all OS versions. Follow this guideline for simple and time-efficient steps to fix MacBook Pro black lines on the bottom screen.

Step 1 - Install the utility after downloading it from the official website.

Step 2 - Ensure your connection is stable.

Step 3 - We advise utilising Standard Repair first when choosing the repairing choices.

Step 4 - Select your MacBook model and then adhere to the directions on the following screen.

Step 5 - When you switch into DFU mode, you must download the most recent firmware package. Click Standard Repair to begin the procedure after downloading.

Step 6 - Wait for the procedure to finish fixing your MacBook; it will take some time. The process will end with a restart of the system.

The black lines on the MacBook screen should disappear after restarting.



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