How to fix Alexa not responding - Perfect Solution

Alexa suddenly stop working, not responding to your commands. In this article you will learn step by step How to fix Alexa not responding - Perfect Solution

30. May 2023
How to fix Alexa not responding - Perfect Solution

Use of Amazon Alexa causing you problems? Is your voice command not being heard by the virtual assistant?

These problems might arise for a number of causes. It's conceivable that your internet connection is having trouble, the virtual assistant is having trouble understanding your orders, or your Alexa-enabled gadget has a little bug.

We'll look at a few potential causes for Alexa's disengagement and provide solutions so you may resume utilising your Echo device.

1. Call Alexa Clearly to Fix the Unresponsive Issues 

You're calling Alexa incorrectly, which is one of the reasons it's not responding to your questions. For Alexa to pay attention, you must use the proper wake phrase. Additionally, there shouldn't be too much background noise when you contact Alexa since this may prevent Alexa from understanding what you said.

Remove any extraneous noises, ascertain the proper wake phrase, and then attempt to contact Alexa once more. You should be greeted by a message from it.

2. Verify That the Microphone Button Isn't Muted

Any Amazon Echo comes with a physical microphone button that can be used to toggle Alexa's microphone on and off. Alexa won't respond to your orders if this button is pressed because the microphone is off.

A red light on your Echo should indicate that the microphone is off to confirm this. The microphone on the Echo should turn on when you press the physical mic button. 

Alexa should now be capable of responding to your commands.

3. Restart your Alexa Enabled Device

Sometimes a small error with your Alexa-enabled device creates problems. If Alexa isn't answering, there could be a problem with your device. Luckily, restarting the device will usually take care of small issues.

When using an Alexa device that connects into a power outlet, disconnect the device and leave it unplugged for 30 to 60 seconds. Reconnect the gadget to the power outlet to turn it back on.

To switch off an Alexa device that uses batteries, remove the batteries from the device. Put the batteries back in the gadget after waiting 30 to 60 seconds. Hopefully, Alexa will react when you turn the gadget on and give her orders.

4. Check your Wi-Fi Connection

An Echo device has to be connected to the internet in order to execute voice commands, offer entertainment, and do a variety of other tasks. This indicates that your Alexa-enabled device has to be linked to a dependable Wi-Fi connection that is currently operational. Alexa may not react to your orders if your internet connection is problematic.

You'll need to verify your internet connection from a computer or other device because this problem is not exclusively tied to an Echo device. You may need to contact your internet service provider if you are unable to resolve the problem yourself. A sluggish or erratic Wi-Fi connection can also be fixed in a variety of ways by you.

If Alexa isn't already linked to your Wi-Fi once it has been repaired, do so now. Say Alexa's wake word after that, and it ought to answer.

5. Change Alexa’s Wake Word

If you don't already know it, Alexa supports several wake phrases, but only one at a time. It's conceivable that someone modified your Alexa's wake word, making the device unresponsive to your requests.

Amazon, Echo, Computer, and Alexa are among the wake phrases that are supported by Alexa.

You may verify the wake word that your Alexa device uses or modify it by following these steps:

Change Alexa’s Wake Word on the Amazon Alexa APP from Smartphone

Step 1 - From your smartphone launch Amazon Alexa app.

Step 2 - From bottom bar Tap on Devices

Step 3 - On next screen, at the top, Select All Devices.

Step 4 - From the list displayed on your screen, select your Alexa device.

Step 5 - Scroll down to the General section on the device's display and tap the Wake Word option.

Step 6 - Choose your favourite wake word from the list, then close the application.

Change Alexa’s Wake Word on the Amazon Alexa Website

Step 1 - Visit Amazon Alexa website in web browser from your laptop or PC. 

Step 2 - After loading website, login to your Amazon account

Step 3 - From left sidebar tap on Settings option.

Step 4 - Now scroll down to the General Section and Tap on Wake Word option.

Step 5 - Choose a new wake word from the drop-down option for the Alexa Device. Then click Save.


To get Alexa to pay attention on your device, use the newly selected wake phrase.

6. Reset Your Alexa-Enabled Device

Try resetting your Alexa-enabled device to see if it resolves the issue if none of the previously mentioned solutions worked for you. The associated Amazon account is also deleted when you reset your device, along with all of your choices. Make sure you're prepared to do this because it's the last resort.

Following the reset procedure, you may add all of your prior preferences and other Alexa data when configuring your device again with your account.

Here's how to reset Alexa on your smartphone using the Alexa app:

Step 1 - From your smartphone launch Amazon Alexa app.

Step 2 - From bottom bar Tap on Devices

Step 3 - On next screen, at the top, Select All Devices.

Step 4 - From the list displayed on your screen, select your Alexa device.

Step 5 - The settings menu for your device will appear. In this menu, select Factory Reset by scrolling down.

Step 6 - The reset of your Alexa device should start now.

Reconfigure the device using your Amazon account after it has been reset. Following that, your voice instructions should to function.


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