How to easily beat Tyrant King Brol in Diablo 4

The Tyrant King Brol from Diablo 4 is waiting within the Temple of the Primes. He is a huge guy. Learn How to easily beat Tyrant King Brol in Diablo 4

4. Jun 2023
How to easily beat Tyrant King Brol in Diablo 4

Tyrant King Brol from Diablo 4 is waiting for you within the Temple of the Primes. He is a huge guy who dual-wields powerful weapons, making him a very difficult foe to fight for inexperienced players.

In the latter stages of Act 3, during the quest Descent into Flame, you will encounter this adversary. In addition to having a huge body, he also has cannibals working for him. If they are careless, they may swarm a lone player.

Thankfully, Tyrant King Krol's moveset in Diablo 4 isn't very complicated. In addition to his melee attacks, he has a few more attacks. Even if you have inadequate equipment or may be underleveled, they are nonetheless highly damaging.

How to beat Tyrant King Brol in Diablo 4

Tyrant King Brol of Diablo 4 is waiting for you after the conclusion of the Temple of the Primes in Act 3. Even though it seems to be for his own purposes rather than out of a sense of duty, he is allied with Elias and the Cult of Lilith.

Beyond his standard strikes, Tyrant King Brol uses a few more that should be considered. The boss's AOE Ground Slam does damage all throughout the room, although it's simple to avoid. If you find yourself in Brol's melee range, simply duck away.

He may lunge at you with his charging Dash Attack as well. Tyrant King Krol will move, so when he does, get out of the way since getting hit does serious harm. Get out of the path since it doesn't seem like you can stop the Diablo 4 bosses from moving.

Brol will continually Slash at you until you move if you get in his way. Thankfully, Tyrant King Brol does not stunlock you while doing this damage, which piles up swiftly. It's simple enough to get out of his path.

Additionally, this Diablo 4 boss is capable of using a combination in which he stomps down enemies with one weapon, then the other, and then both at once. Tyrant King Brol does no harm if you just move out of his line of sight.

He gives you two potions every time you drain 25% of his health, but he also sends out a horde of Maniacs and Cannibals to attack you. Before returning to the battle with Tyrant King Brol, you need take care of them. This opponent is easily defeated by all classes.

In all honesty, this boss fight is rather simple. The issue arises from having too much confidence. If you let him, he can deliver extraordinarily massive amounts of damage, so blow him down while you can avoid being in his path. When you can, enter, and when you must, withdraw.


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