How To Detect Hidden Camera Using Your Mobile Phone

Learn how to use your mobile phone to detect hidden cameras easily. Follow these steps to protect your privacy in any setting.

10. Jun 2024
How To Detect Hidden Camera Using Your Mobile Phone

In today’s world, privacy is becoming increasingly important. With hidden cameras potentially lurking in public restrooms, hotel rooms, and even Airbnb rentals, knowing how to detect these devices is a crucial skill. Fortunately, your mobile phone can be a powerful tool to help you find hidden cameras. Here's a detailed, yet simple, guide on how to use your phone to detect hidden cameras.

1. Use Your Phone Camera to Detect Infrared Lights

What You Need: Your smartphone with a camera. 


Step 1: Turn off the lights: The darker the room, the easier it is to spot infrared lights.

Step 2: Open your phone’s camera app: Use the rear or front camera.

Step 3: Scan the room slowly: Look through your phone’s screen as you scan.

Step 4: Spot any unusual lights: Infrared lights from hidden cameras will appear as bright white or purple lights on your screen.

How It Works: Hidden cameras often use infrared LEDs for night vision. These LEDs emit light that is invisible to the naked eye but can be picked up by your phone’s camera.

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2. Use Hidden Camera Detector Apps

Popular Apps:

  • Hidden Camera Detector
  • Glint Finder
  • Detectify


Step 1: Download a reliable app: Choose from the list above or any other highly rated hidden camera detector app.

Step 2: Open the app and follow instructions: Most apps provide a tutorial or guide.

Step 3: Scan the area: Use the app to detect hidden cameras. This might involve moving your phone around the room or focusing on specific areas.

How It Works: These apps utilize your phone's magnetic sensor or camera to detect hidden cameras. They can identify suspicious devices based on magnetic fields or reflections from camera lenses.

3. Check for Suspicious Devices Using Network Scanners

Apps to Use: Fing – Network Tools


Step 1: Download and open the Fing app.

Step 2: Scan your Wi-Fi network: Allow the app to list all connected devices.

Step 3: Identify unfamiliar devices: Look for any devices that seem out of place or unfamiliar. 

How It Works: Hidden cameras often connect to the same Wi-Fi network to stream footage. Network scanning apps can help you identify all devices connected to your network, including potential hidden cameras.

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4. Manually Search for Hidden Cameras

What You Need:

  • Your smartphone flashlight.
  • Your smartphone’s camera.


Step 1: Turn off the lights in the room.

Step 2: Use your phone’s flashlight: Shine it around the room slowly.

Step 3: Look for reflections: Use your phone’s camera to spot tiny reflections. Camera lenses will reflect light back more prominently than other objects.

Step 4: Inspect suspicious areas: Focus on areas where a camera could be hidden, like smoke detectors, wall clocks, air purifiers, or any other small electronic devices.

How It Works: Hidden cameras are usually embedded in objects with small openings for the lens. Flashlights can help reveal these lenses through light reflection, and your phone’s camera can make them more visible.

5. Use Your Phone’s Magnetic Sensor

Apps to Use: Hidden Device Detector


Step 1: Download a magnetic sensor app.

Step 2: Open the app and follow the instructions.

Step 3: Scan the room: Move your phone around areas where you suspect a hidden camera might be located.

How It Works: Hidden cameras have electronic components that can emit magnetic fields. Your phone’s magnetic sensor can detect these fields, and the app will alert you to any anomalies.

6. Listen for Unusual Sounds

What You Need: Your smartphone with a microphone.


Step 1: Ensure the room is quiet.

Step 2: Use a sound detection app or the phone’s built-in voice recorder.

Step 3: Listen for faint buzzing or clicking sounds: These noises can indicate a camera or other recording device.

How It Works: Some hidden cameras can produce faint, barely audible sounds. Your phone's microphone can pick up these sounds, helping you locate the device.

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Detecting hidden cameras with your mobile phone is not only possible but also relatively easy with the right tools and techniques. By using your phone's camera, downloading specialized apps, and leveraging its built-in sensors, you can protect your privacy in various settings. Always be vigilant and trust your instincts. If something feels off, it’s worth taking the time to scan your surroundings. Your peace of mind and safety are worth it.

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