How To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping - Best Ideas

12. Nov 2022
How To Deal With Upstairs Neighbors Stomping - Best Ideas

Neighbors are a part of life, even you live in an apartment or house. No matter how your relationship is with your neighbors, there will always be the potential for noise complaints, especially with upstairs neighbors.

When you have problem with your upstairs neighbors, it can be hard to know where and how best to detain them. The solution to this problem may not always be easy or suitable, but it’s worth checking out.

We are going to discuss every possible way to get rid of those annoying upstairs neighbors. here are best ways to deal with them:

1. Have an honest conversation with your neighbor and explain your situation. This is the most reliable and easy way. Building a relationship is always the best way to make things easy. If you don’t want to talk to them first, then you should write a friendly note and explain your situation in the letter.

2. Ask Your Upstairs Neighbors To Stop Stomping. Talk to your upstairs neighbor and explain your problem that their noise, negatively impacted your work and life as well.

3. Compromise With Your Neighbors

4.  Install carpets or EVA foam floor mats

5. Add soundproof underlays

6. Tell them about the noise that bothers you.

7. Complain To The Management - If you have tried all the above ways but still you have not got any positive result then speaking to the management may be the better option.

8. Call The Police and Give your neighbors Warning

9. File A Legal Action Against your Upstair Neighbor

10. Move Forward To The Next Peaceful Place - If you have tried all way to convince your neighbor not to produce a louder notice. But they won’t stop at all and you don’t want to start war between you and your upstair neighbors.


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