How to Choose right True Wireless Earbuds?

There are many excellent wireless earbuds available, some of them can be truly bad. It can be challenging to pick the best set of truly wireless earbuds.

5. Mar 2023
How to Choose right True Wireless Earbuds?

Music has the power to evoke memories. You feel content, at ease, or excited. But, a tangled pair of earbuds can already mar the experience. Although most of us prefer wired earbuds, there's no denying that they require special packing considerations. Since many smartphones lack a headphone jack, pricy adapters are a necessary equipment.

The majority of us may already be familiar with genuinely wireless earbuds. They are becoming more and more accessible, portable, and user-friendly, which makes them an excellent smartphone accessory. Although there are many excellent wireless earbuds available, some of them can be truly bad. It can be challenging to pick the best set of truly wireless earbuds.

How to Choose right True Wireless Earbuds?

Understanding the importance of Pricing

There are several inexpensive wireless earbuds on the market, however the majority of them are merely deceptively wireless. Certain types either have controls on the wire that connects the earpieces or they come with wires. Even if you discover a basic model without wires, these earphones are not fully wireless, and the sound quality can be subpar.

A powerful Bluetooth chip is required for a truly wireless earbud to have reliable communication. Inexpensive wireless headphones employ Bluetooth chips of worse quality, which causes a significant delay in audio transmission.

When using your smartphone to watch films and play games, these delays become more apparent. Also, less expensive models may have subpar mics. Using these earphones to make or receive calls might be a mess.

Sound Quality

The Bluetooth audio transmission method from the source to your wireless earbuds is controlled by a codec. For more swift and dependable wireless transmission, it encodes and decodes digital audio signals. The SBC (low-complexity sub-band) codec, which separates frequencies into many bands and encodes them independently, is the only one supported by the majority of inexpensive wireless earbuds. Best Sound Quality Earbuds

There is a delay in the transmission of audio since this method requires time to transmit data. High-resolution music frequently sounds flat on such earbuds because they don't support higher bitrate audio. The delay is most obvious when playing video games or watching films where the voice acting is slower than the action.



A pair of good wireless earbuds support codecs such as aptX, aptX HD and LDAC 900. Because to their lower latency and support for higher bitrates, these codes are much superior to SBC codecs. These codecs nevertheless suffer some audio quality loss since they are lossy.

Consider using wireless headphones with Apple's exclusive AAC (Advanced Audio Coding) codec if you use an Apple smartphone. High-resolution audio playback is supported, and it provides excellent audio quality.

A good charging case and battery life are Important

A truly wireless earbud is a tiny gadget with tiny batteries, yet manufacturers often make inflated playback duration claims. Expect the actual performance to be about an hour or two shorter than the device's claimed battery life of 10–12 hours. Moreover, certain simple wireless earphone batteries may deplete quickly, significantly reducing the device's lifespan.

Really wireless earphones give you freedom from cords but also raise the risk of losing them. Your wireless earphones may be charged and stored more easily with a decent case. Some high-end cases have built-in batteries that enable on-the-go charging of your wireless earphones. Several versions also enable wireless charging, which eliminates the inconvenience of connecting wires to the charging case. Long Battery Earbuds

Choosing Earbuds with right ear-tips and Controls

Every pair of genuinely wireless earphones needs ear-tips. Although they come in a variety of sizes and shapes, some truly wireless earbuds, like the Apple AirPods, don't have silicone ear tips. The majority of the time, Apple AirPods provide a secure fit, however the absence of silicon ear-tips could cause outside noise to be heard. You can experiment with some aftermarket earbuds, but these make the AirPods large and challenging to store in the included charging case. If you prefer wireless earbuds with silicon eartips and a new noise cancellation technology, you should look at the new AirPods Pro.



Like the right set of ear-tips, having controls on your wireless earbuds adds a lot of comfort. You can use it to manage your music, issue voice instructions, and even take voice calls. Some models even have the ability to automatically pause the music when you take the earbuds out of your ears. Top Brand Earbuds with Controls

Noise cancellation on wireless Earbuds

Up until a few years ago, the noise cancellation capability was only available on a select few wired earbuds. Several truly wireless earphones now come equipped with noise cancelling. This implies that you can reduce the volume of the music to levels that are both enjoyable and comfortable while isolating the noise outside.

The majority of noise-canceling earphones also have a "Hear through" option that, with a single tap, enables you to hear conversations around you without taking off your earbuds. Although noise cancellation in wireless earbuds enhances the audio quality, it can also quickly deplete the battery.

Best Noise Canellation Wireless Earbuds

A excellent addition that eliminates the need for cumbersome connections are wireless earbuds. They give you a lot more freedom and flexibility whether you move around, travel, or engage in physical activity. Also, a quality set of wireless earbuds can considerably enhance your musical enjoyment. If you know exactly what you want, you may order a selection of models from and your local Reliance Digital store to have them delivered to your home.


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