How to Block Ads in Webview Kodular - Step by Step Guide

Enhance user experience in your Kodular app by blocking intrusive ads in WebView. Follow our step-by-step guide for seamless ad-free browsing. Optimize now!

13. Jan 2024
How to Block Ads in Webview Kodular - Step by Step Guide

In the contemporary digital landscape, internet advertisements have become ubiquitous. While many websites and applications rely heavily on these adverts for their income, sometimes the obtrusive nature of them detracts from the overall user experience. This thorough step-by-step tutorial is specifically designed for you if you use Kodular for app development and are eager to optimize user pleasure by integrating ad-blocking mechanisms within the WebView component.

Step 1: Understanding the Need

Before delving into the technical details, it's essential to understand why one might want to block ads in a WebView on Kodular. Ads can slow down page loading times, consume data, and, in some cases, compromise user privacy. By blocking ads, you not only improve the user experience but also optimize the performance of your app.

Step 2: Create a Kodular Project

Start by creating a new project in Kodular. Ensure that you have the latest version of the Kodular Creator installed to access the most recent features and updates.

Step 3: Add WebView Component

Drag and drop the WebView component from the Palette into your app screen. This component allows you to display web content within your app.

Step 4: Load a Website

Use the WebView's properties to load a website. This is a crucial step to visualize the impact of ad blocking once implemented.

Step 5: Enable JavaScript

Ads are often delivered using JavaScript. In the WebView properties, make sure that JavaScript is enabled. This is crucial for interacting with the web content and executing scripts to block ads.

Step 6: Implement Ad Blocking

To block ads, you need to intercept and modify the requests made by the WebView. Utilize the WebView's WebChromeClient and WebViewClient events to customize the behavior of the WebView.

Here's a basic example using Kodular blocks:

When WebView.WebChromeClient OnProgressChanged
    Do WebView.WebChromeClient SetJavaScriptEnabled to true

When WebView.WebViewClient BeforeNavigating
    If (currentURL contains "")
        Then WebView.WebViewClient CancelPageLoad

This simple script checks if the current URL contains a known advertising domain and cancels the page load if true. Customize this script according to your specific requirements.

Step 7: Test Your App

Before publishing your app, thoroughly test it on different devices and network conditions. Ensure that the ad blocking script works as expected and doesn't interfere with the core functionality of your app.

Step 8: Stay Updated

The landscape of web technologies and ad-serving mechanisms is constantly evolving. Regularly check for updates in Kodular and modify your ad-blocking script accordingly to adapt to new challenges.


Unlocking the potential to block ads within a Kodular WebView holds the key to a markedly enhanced user experience for your app. Embark on this journey by adhering to the outlined steps and keeping yourself abreast of the latest advancements. The result? A refined and user-friendly app that effortlessly distinguishes itself in the bustling digital marketplace.

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