How is AI regulated and governed on global scale?

Discover the complexities of global AI governance: regulations, challenges, and international cooperation efforts.

4. Sep 2023
How is AI regulated and governed on global scale?

There is no unified worldwide framework for the regulation and control of AI, which is currently in its early phases. However, a number of nations and organisations are attempting to create guidelines and rules for the ethical development and application of AI.

Some of the key areas of focus for AI regulation include:

Transparency: AI systems should be open about how they make decisions so that users can comprehend how they operate and make wise decisions.

Accountability: The creation and application of AI systems should be subject to unambiguous accountability so that individuals responsible for any harm may be held liable.

Fairness: AI systems shouldn't be used to reinforce preexisting prejudices; instead, they should be fair and non-discriminatory in design.

Privacy: AI systems must respect user privacy and should not gather or utilise personal information without permission.

Safety: AI systems must be made to be secure and safe, and they must not endanger users or society as a whole.

Some of the key organizations working on AI regulation include:

The European Commission: A draught regulations for AI has been put out by the European Commission, and it would categorize AI systems based on perceived levels of danger and impose various criteria on each category.

The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD): Over 50 nations have adopted a set of guidelines for the safe use of AI that the OECD has produced.

The United Nations: A set of rules for the moral application of AI is currently being developed by the UN and will be completed in 2023.

For some time to come, there will probably be a patchwork of AI laws in effect all across the world. However, the work of these organisations is assisting in laying the foundation for a future approach to AI regulation that is more thorough and harmonised.

Many nations are creating their own AI legislation in addition to these global organisations. For instance, the United States has enacted a variety of regulations that deal with the application of AI in particular industries, such banking and healthcare. China has also been actively working on AI laws, and it recently published a set of regulations for the application of AI in government.

AI regulation is a difficult and complex issue. However, it is crucial to guarantee that AI is created and applied in a secure, accountable, and moral manner. The above-mentioned organisations' and nations' efforts are laying the groundwork for a future approach to AI legislation that is more comprehensive and harmonised.


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