How do I deal with old grandparents?

Discover tips on how to deal with older grandparents. From showing love to offering assistance, foster a strong relationship with your elders.

30. Jun 2023
How do I deal with old grandparents?

Old grandparents are usually older people who became grandparents when their grandchildren were born. Physical and cognitive changes that come with ageing may have an effect on an individual's everyday activities and relationships with their grandkids.

Older grandparents frequently have a lot of knowledge, affection, and life experiences to impart to their families. They can offer direction, assistance, and continuity within the family. Grandparents frequently have a significant impact on the lives of their grandkids by providing them with unwavering love and nurture.

However, as people age, they could also experience some difficulties that limit their capacity to interact fully with their grandkids. Their relationships may be impacted by a number of common circumstances, including health problems, mobility restrictions, and cognitive impairment. Despite these difficulties, a lot of grandparents manage to forge close bonds with their grandkids, whether it is by spending quality time with them, exchanging tales and family customs, or offering emotional support.

The younger generation must be patient, understanding, and understanding towards their elderly grandparents since they could need more help and care. Strong intergenerational connections may be cultivated and treasured memories can be made for both the grandparents and their grandchildren via regular contact, visits, and including them in family activities.

How do I deal with old grandparents?

It takes time, compassion, and respect to interact with older grandparents. The following advice can assist you in navigating your connection with your elderly grandparents:

Show love and affection - By using words, actions, and physical affection (if your grandparents are amenable to it), show your grandparents how much you love and care about them. Small gestures of praise and compassion may go a long way towards helping someone feel appreciated.

Spend quality time together - Spend time with your grandparents and partake in their favourite pastimes. This might be accomplished through hearing their tales, participating in sports or activities, watching films or walking together. Sharing experiences strengthens relationships.

Communicate effectively - When speaking with your grandparents, be patient and empathetic. Give them ample time to express their views and feelings, speak clearly, and pay close attention when you are listening. Don't hurry them or interrupt them. It's crucial to keep in mind that their hearing or memory may not be as keen as it once was, so be kind and sympathetic.

Offer assistance - Due to physical limits or health difficulties, older persons may find it challenging to complete some chores. Offer your assistance with tasks like food shopping, housework, or running errands. However, always respect their autonomy and seek their permission before making changes.

Respect their wisdom - Grandparents that are older frequently have a plethora of life information and experience. Use the chance to ask them for guidance on various topics and to learn from them. Respecting their experience may help people feel respected and cherished.

Consider their health and well-being - Watch for the health and happiness of your grandparents. Encourage them to lead a healthy lifestyle that includes frequent exercise, a balanced diet, and access to quality medical care. Assist them in making doctor's appointments and, if necessary, go with them.

Include them in family events - Make sure the holidays and family get-togethers seem inclusive of your grandparents. They'll value participating on significant occasions and spending time with the younger generations. Share family-related developments with them, and if possible, include them in decision-making.

Be patient and understanding - Age-related physical and cognitive changes might make some circumstances frustrating or challenging. When handling any difficulties that may emerge, patience and comprehension are essential. Be sympathetic, encouraging, and make an effort to imagine yourself in their position.

Keep in mind that each person is unique, so these recommendations may change depending on your grandparents' personalities and requirements. It takes time, effort, and real caring to develop a solid relationship with your elderly grandparents.

How to Care for Your Grandparents?

To maintain your grandparents' wellbeing and quality of life, you must help them emotionally and physically. Here are some crucial tips for looking after your grandparents -

Maintain regular communication - Call or visit your grandparents regularly, especially if they live alone, to stay in touch. They feel more connected and cherished when they communicate frequently.

Show respect and empathy - Show your grandparents the utmost respect, tolerance, and compassion. Be kind and encouraging since they can have physical limits or memory issues.

Assist with daily tasks - Help out with daily chores like grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, or errand running. Assist them in maintaining a secure and comfortable living space.

Monitor their health - Ensure that your grandparents take their prescribed prescriptions and keep an eye on their health by going with them to doctor's visits. Keep an eye out for any indications of discomfort or modifications to their emotional or mental state.

Encourage an active lifestyle - Encourage your grandparents to participate in age- and ability-appropriate physical activities. This can be taking little strolls, doing stretches, or taking part in senior-friendly fitness programmes.

Provide emotional support - When your grandparents want to talk about their ideas, worries, or anecdotes, pay attention to them. Engaging in things they like and spending quality time with them might help them feel better emotionally.

Foster social connections - By planning visits with friends, relatives, or other seniors, you may assist your grandparents in maintaining their social connections. Encourage involvement in groups or activities in the community that suit their interests.

Ensure safety at home - Regularly evaluate the security of their living space. To avoid accidents, provide safety elements like grab bars, non-slip mats, or enough illumination. Remove dangers and make the adjustments required for those with mobility issues.

Help with technology - Help your grandparents become tech savvy and use devices like smartphones, tablets, and social media to remain in touch. Show them how to utilise the appropriate programmes, websites, and video calling services.

Encourage mental stimulation - Take part in brain-stimulating activities with your grandparents, such as puzzles, reading, board games, or their favourite pastimes. They benefit from mental stimulation and cognitive preservation as a result.

Seek professional assistance if needed - Consider hiring experts like home healthcare aides, geriatric care managers, or senior living facilities if your grandparents need specialised care. Their knowledge can offer the exact assistance that your grandparents require.

Remember that every person is different, so customise your care strategy to your grandparents' tastes and needs. Regularly evaluate their requirements and modify your caring tactics as necessary.


In conclusion, communicating with old grandparents requires awareness, respect, and tolerance. Spending time together, showing one another affection, and having clear communication are all essential. While offering assistance, respect their independence and wisdom. Consider their health and wellness, include them in family occasions, and show tolerance and compassion when dealing with challenging situations. It's also crucial to maintain regular connection with them, support their social networks, and help them deal with change. Additionally, it is essential to tackle monetary issues, loneliness, and cognitive decline with empathy and the appropriate tools. Keep in mind that every relationship is unique, so adjust these suggestions to fit your grandparents' specific needs and preferences. By investing the time and effort required, you may be able to develop a strong and significant relationship with your older grandparents.


How can I help my grandparents if they live far away?

You may stay in touch with your grandparents, even if they live far away, by calling, talking on the phone, or sending emails. To show them your affection and maintain contact, send them letters or care gifts. Offer to help them with any computer issues they may have, including setting up video calls.

What if my grandparents have difficulty accepting help or resist my assistance?

Some senior citizens may find it challenging to accept assistance because they want to retain their independence. It's crucial to treat the circumstance with understanding and respect. Give them some time to acclimatise and then begin by providing small-scale help. Recognise their viewpoint and tell them that asking for assistance does not lessen their independence or worth.

How do I handle conflicts or disagreements with my grandparents?

Any relationship, even that with grandparents, is capable of experiencing disputes or conflicts. When disagreements emerge, make an effort to converse politely and quietly while concentrating on comprehending one another's viewpoints. Engage in active listening and, if feasible, reach a compromise. If necessary, use a mediator or additional family members to assist you find a solution.

How can I support my grandparents if they have health issues or memory problems? 

It's critical to offer help while preserving your grandparents' independence if they are dealing with health difficulties or memory loss. Encourage them to adhere to their healthcare provider's advice and aid with scheduling visits or managing their medications. Make your home accessible and safe, and if further help is required, talk to your family members or hire a carer.

What if my grandparents are grieving the loss of a loved one?

For anybody, particularly older folks, grieving may be difficult. Give a sympathetic ear and emotional assistance. Encourage them to vent their emotions and talk about their loved one's recollections. Recognise that grieving takes time, and be kind and understanding of others as they go through the process. To assist them in coping with their loss, recommend professional counselling or support groups if necessary.

How do I include my grandparents in activities if they have limited mobility?

Look for activities that may be modified to suit your grandparents' limitations if they have restricted mobility. When arranging family reunions, select activities or events that are comfortable and accessible for those in wheelchairs. Take part in hobbies that you may enjoy at home, including reading, crossword puzzles, or listening to music. Ensure that they experience inclusion and participation in discussions and decision-making.

How can I help my grandparents maintain social connections?

Social interactions are essential for the wellbeing of older persons. Encourage your grandparents to get involved in neighbourhood events, clubs, or senior centres so they may socialise with others. Aid them in utilising technology to make video calls or use social media to interact with loved ones. Additionally, plan family get-togethers or trips to create socialising chances.

How can I support my grandparents financially if they are struggling?

Offer to assist your grandparents with budgeting or financial planning if they are having trouble paying their bills. Investigate options that can offer aid, such as government initiatives, volunteer opportunities, or financial counselling services. Help them analyse their spending to find places where they may save costs. However, always respect their right to self-determination and engage them in financial decision-making.

What can I do if my grandparents are experiencing loneliness or isolation?

Older individuals are sometimes lonely and alone. Encourage your grandparents to interact with people and participate in activities they find enjoyable. Encourage them to look into local pastimes, volunteer opportunities, or senior-focused activities. Keep in touch with them frequently and try to get together for quality time. If necessary, think about setting up companionship services or linking them with senior support organisations.

How can I help my grandparents adapt to changes in their living situation?

Grandparents who are becoming older could have to downsize or move into an assisted living facility, among other adjustments. During this time of change, be there for them emotionally and aid them practically by organising their stuff or making moving arrangements. To ease them into their new surroundings and reassure them that you are there to assist them, pay them frequent visits.

What if my grandparents have cognitive decline or dementia?

Grandparents who are becoming older could have to downsize or move into an assisted living facility, among other adjustments. During this time of change, be there for them emotionally and aid them practically by organising their stuff or making moving arrangements. To ease them into their new surroundings and reassure them that you are there to assist them, pay them frequent visits.

How can I balance caring for my grandparents with my other responsibilities?

Grandparent care may be difficult, especially if you also have other obligations. Think about asking other family members for help, hiring carers, or looking into local agencies that offer aid and respite care. It's critical to put your own health first and ask for assistance when necessary.

How can I address my grandparents' medical needs effectively?

Continue to be active in your grandparents' medical care by going to doctor's visits with them, keeping track of their prescriptions and medical history, and speaking up for their needs. Consult medical experts if necessary to have a deeper understanding of their symptoms and proposed treatments.

What can I do if my grandparents resist accepting help or assistance?

Some grandparents may be unwilling to accept assistance out of pride or a desire for independence. Be patient, understanding, and empathic when you approach the problem. Clearly express your worries, the advantages of help, and include them in decision-making. Involve a dependable medical expert or family mediator if necessary to facilitate conversations.

How can I prevent social isolation for my grandparents?

It's possible for social isolation to be harmful to your grandparents' health. Promote social contacts by setting up visits, promoting involvement in neighbourhood events or senior centres, and assisting them in maintaining contact with friends and family via phone calls, video chats, or social media.

What should I do if I suspect elder abuse or neglect?

Take elder abuse and neglect seriously, and file a report right away. Get in touch with the police or the adult protective services organisation in your area. They can look into the matter and take the appropriate actions to safeguard your grandparents.

Are there any financial assistance programs available for senior care?

There could be financial aid programmes available, such government-funded healthcare, insurance benefits, or neighborhood-based initiatives. Look into available options in your area, speak with experts in the field, and see whether you qualify for Medicaid or other government assistance.

How can I support my grandparents emotionally if they are grieving the loss of a spouse or friends?

Grief may be difficult for grandparents, especially when a spouse or close friend has passed away. Give them your ear, acknowledge their emotions, and console them. Encourage them to participate in support groups or, if necessary, seek counselling. The healing process can also be aided by participating in enjoyable activities and maintaining relationships with loved ones.


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