Green Tea vs Milk Tea - Which is good for Health?

If you want to compare the benefits of green tea with milk tea, green tea gets to check the most boxes. Choose the healthier alternative after reading details.

8. Jan 2023
Green Tea vs Milk Tea - Which is good for Health?

Even though it's well known that a hot cup of tea contains a number of health benefits, most people prefer to sip it to increase their energy and feel refreshed. In recent times, morning tea has nearly become a necessity.

To choosing your morning brew, it makes sense to look at the ingredients in each type of tea.

1. Antioxidant 

Tea's primary antioxidant, catechins, has been scientifically demonstrated to provide these benefits. Catechins, which are abundant in green tea, help the body stay healthy by fending off the free radicals that cause disease and ageing.

Unfortunately, drinking black milky tea won't provide your body with enough antioxidants. The milk is what stops the bodily cells from absorbing antioxidants.

2. Caffeine

When you need caffeine, resist the urge to go for the coffee. Caffeine is present in tea in reasonable amounts as well, and milky tea has a higher concentration of it than green tea.

Black tea, which has more caffeine than milk tea, is typically used to make milk tea. Thus, a small cup of tea that has been steeped in hot water and milk for exactly 8 minutes will contain 30–60 mg of caffeine.

Drinking numerous cups of milk tea, a well-known energy booster, could raise your blood pressure and make your heart beat faster. Decide to drink 1-2 cups each day, and to ensure greater antioxidant absorption, choose black tea without milk or add some lemon juice to enhance flavour.

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3. Fluoride

Green tea is a wonderful choice if you want to get a lot of fluorides. This will allow you to maintain healthy teeth and strengthen your bones without using supplements. Increasing the amount of milk will significantly reduce the amount of fluorides, reducing this effect.

Benefits of Green Tea 

By consuming green tea, you can greatly benefit from its bioactive ingredients, which enhance both heart and brain health. 

The medical community has demonstrated a number of advantages for health, including:

1. Green Tea Improve Cardiac Health

The EGCG (epigallocatechin gallate) components found in green tea help to preserve the lining of blood vessels and lessen stress and anxiety. 

For better antioxidant absorption, never add milk to green tea.

2. Green Tea Enhances the Properties of Detoxification 

Green tea has the potential to help the body get rid of all pollutants. 

It will not only strengthen your immune system but also perhaps enhance the condition of your skin, leaving it smooth and lustrous.

3. Green Tea may Help in Losing Weight 

Green tea contains antioxidants that aid in the fight against free radical damage and enhance metabolism. 

When paired with healthy eating and exercise, this aids in weight loss.

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Benefits of Milk Tea 


A spoonful or two of milk are added to freshly brewed black tea to make milk tea. It is popular in the UK and several regions of South Asia and is eaten hot. The following are just a few benefits of drinking milk tea:

1. Improved Taste

When milk is added, the taste's strong, astringent quality is much diminished. The majority of tea-drinking societies that cannot do without a cup of morning tea prefer this tasty tea.

2. Additional Benefits

The flavours of ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove, tulsi leaves, mint leaves, or various herbs are often added to tea to enhance its flavour. This enhances flavours and provides extra health advantages.

Green Tea vs Milk Tea - Which is good for Health?

If you want to compare the benefits of green tea with milk tea, green tea gets to check the most boxes. Consider the information below and select the healthier choice. 

  • Milk tea has less fluoride than green tea, which is better for the health of your teeth and bones.
  • Comparedto black tea, green tea contains significantly less caffeine. Your blood pressure could increase and your heart rate could increase if you later mix it with milk.
  • By defending the lining of blood vessels, an excess of EGCG promotes blood circulation. You may not receive many benefits if you blend milk with black tea.
  • While many people prefer milk with their tea, which adds calories, green tea is thought to aid with weight loss.



Black and green tea both provide a number of advantages, including increased energy and improved heart health. Additional antioxidants in green tea improve your health. Avoid drinking milk tea as it may not have the same health benefits as green tea and may include additional calories.

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