Google Gemini App Now Available in UK and EU for Android

Google's Gemini app for Android is now available in the UK and EU. Download it from the Play Store and explore a new AI assistant experience.

6. Jun 2024
Google Gemini App Now Available in UK and EU for Android

Google’s Gemini app for Android has finally made its debut in the UK and EU, several months after its initial release. This new application, which you can now download from the Play Store, offers users an alternative to the traditional Google Assistant, presenting a new way to interact with Google’s AI capabilities.

What is Google Gemini?

Google Gemini is an AI-driven assistant app designed to provide a more tailored and potentially more advanced user experience compared to the standard Google Assistant. With Gemini, users can perform many of the same tasks as they would with Google Assistant, but with a different interface and potentially enhanced functionalities.

Key Features of Google Gemini

Alternative to Google Assistant: One of the main features of Gemini is its ability to replace Google Assistant on your device. However, it's important to note that you can’t have both assistants active simultaneously. You’ll need to decide which assistant best suits your needs.

Availability: Initially launched in select regions, Gemini is now accessible to users in the UK and EU. It will also be available on iOS through the Google app in the coming weeks.

Limitations: Currently, Gemini does not support interaction with smart home devices. This limitation means that users heavily reliant on Google Assistant for managing their smart home ecosystems might prefer to stick with the familiar Assistant for now.

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Why Gemini and Not an Update?

One might wonder why Gemini was introduced as a separate app rather than as an update to the existing Google Assistant. This approach seems to reflect Google’s often convoluted strategy of launching new features and applications. While this can lead to confusion among users, it also allows Google to experiment with new functionalities and user interfaces without disrupting the existing Assistant ecosystem.

Transitioning to Gemini

Switching to Gemini is straightforward. Once downloaded from the Play Store, users can set Gemini as their default assistant through the app’s settings. This process is seamless, but the decision to switch should consider the current limitations, particularly regarding smart home device interactions.

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Future Developments

Google’s launch of Gemini in the UK and EU is just the beginning. The company plans to extend Gemini’s availability to iOS users shortly, broadening its user base and offering a new AI experience to a wider audience. As the app evolves, it’s likely that more features and capabilities will be added, potentially addressing some of its current limitations.

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The arrival of Google Gemini in the UK and EU marks a significant step in Google’s ongoing development of AI-driven tools and applications. While it may not yet replace Google Assistant for all users, especially those with smart home setups, Gemini offers a fresh alternative for those seeking a different AI interaction. As it expands to more platforms and gains additional features, Google Gemini is poised to become a notable player in the AI assistant landscape.

Image Credit: Google Gemini App

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