‎Fatork Pocket D042 Projector Specs and Reviews

FATORK D042 Mini Pocket Projector, 5G WiFi DLP Smart Portable Movie Projectors, Pocket Monster Outdoor Projector Price, Specification and Reviews

27. May 2023
‎Fatork Pocket D042 Projector Specs and Reviews

The FATORK D042 Mobile Projector is a DLP projector. It is simple, has few parts, is compact enough to be held in one hand and weighs only 390 grams. The lightweight design and small size make it easy to carry around. It's the perfect projector to take to a friend's house or outdoors for everyone to enjoy. The sealing technology makes it the right projector for outdoor parties.

Fatork D042 Mini Projector Overviews


You may watch your favourite movies anywhere in your home with this compact projector, which has a design smaller than the size of a soda can.With a built-in rechargeable battery that can deliver 2.5 hours of video on a single charge, this wireless projector can accommodate outdoor demands. To swiftly fix the image, this compact projector has automatic vertical keystone correction of 40°.


DLP projectors produce pictures that are 150 ANSI lumens brighter and have improved light efficiency and colour management. (It is advised to use this in darker settings.) Compared to LCD projectors, enjoy an image that is brighter and clearer. At a projection distance of 1.64 ft to 9.85 ft, this projector can produce images up to 114" (10-100" recommended).


The WiFi projector supports 2.4G/5G, allowing for low latency real-time display of the same screen. Once you've established a WiFi connection, you may connect any time to your portable home projector using any device. You may use the most recent WiFi connectivity without switching cords because it works with both iOS and Android.


The closed technology used in the DLP projector lens makes it more dust-resistant and prevents the appearance of black spots. There is a mini projector with HDMI and USB connectors. For home theatre, video games, parties, and outdoor events, it can effortlessly connect to smartphones, iPads, computers, TV boxes, DVD players, game consoles, and more.

Fatork D042 Mini Projector Features



Adjustable 45° Angle Projector - To get the optimum perspective, the tripod may be set to a 45° angle. When placing it on a table, the tripod helps to provide a little bit more height and a better angle. The bottom of it has a threaded connector in the middle of it.

360° Stereo Speaker Projector - Without the need for speakers that are connected to the outside world, built-in speakers deliver crystal-clear audio quality. Your room will be filled with magnificent, overpowering sound from the projector and speakers, which will help you feel more immersed in the movie.

Portable Camping Projector - Wherever you go, bring the cinematic epic size with you. Simply drop this mini-projector on the ground to watch your preferred programmes, films, and games up to 114 inches in size.

Lower Noise Projector - You can sleep well thanks to the improved noise-reduction technology in the video projectors, which reduces noise to as little as 32dB. Even if it is used for a long period, the heat dissipation is quick, and it will only reach a little temperature.

Wonderful Gift Ideas - A popular option for Christmas parties, family get-togethers, informal entertainment, and small meetings is the FATORK projector. Bring it home or present it as a Christmas, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Children's Day, Valentine's Day, or Thanksgiving Day gift to your loved ones.

What are the advantages of DLP projector?

As a result of its sealed chip construction and lack of filters, DLP projectors are simple to maintain. Because there is not much room between the pixels, the final image is significantly sharper. The use of mirrors dramatically reduces light loss while increasing light output.

DLP projectors are said to be more dependable and are lighter and portable. Micro-mirrors are used in DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology to project pictures from a monitor onto a big screen.

‎Fatork D042 Mini Projector Price

‎Fatork D042 Mini Pocket Projector price starts from $175 , you can buy ‎Fatork D042 Mini Projector online at lowest price.

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Fatork D042 Mini Projector Specifications

Brand Fatork
Model Name D042
Connectivity Wi-Fi, USB, HDMI, Screen Mirroring
Projection Screen 10 - 114 inches
Projection Distance 1.64 - 9.85 FT
Resolution 854 x 480 Pixels
Display Technology DLP
Image Brightness 7500 lux
Image Contrast Ratio 3500:1
Lamp Life 30,000 Hours
Dimensions 2.83 x 2.83 x 4.17 inches
Weight 0.86 lbs


‎Fatork D042 Mini Projector Reviews

It's been in my possession for six months, and for the money, it's fantastic. The picture is crystal clear, and the audio is amazing for such a compact gadget. Some people claim that you cannot stream from your phone, however this is untrue; the streaming service or app is what prevents casting to the projector. I only wish you could manually adjust the projection's size rather than having to move it a specific amount back or near in order for it to be the size you desire.

The size of this projector is what I appreciate most about it. The little size is amazing. I can no longer carry it. Give me a wonderful movie to watch with a firestick. I project the picture onto the white current while drawing the curtain closed on my patio sliding window. The photo turned absolutely fantastic. I just need to set the project about 5 feet away from a movie screen that is 150 inches wide, and the image turned out rather well. I like it.

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