Educart CBSE Class 12 MATHEMATICS Sample Paper 2023

Based on the Official Class 12 CBSE Sample Paper released on 16th Sep 2022

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17. Dec 2022
Educart CBSE Class 12 MATHEMATICS Sample Paper 2023

Educart CBSE Class 12 MATHEMATICS Sample Paper 2023 for 2022-23 Board Exams, Concept Maps, Topper Answers. 

About this Book - Buy Book - Click Here - 100% based on CBSE Sample Papers (released on September 16th, 2022) for final board exams (Feb-March), Includes 10 Sample Papers (7 solved + 3 self-practice unsolved papers), along with solved CBSE Sample Paper, Chapter-wise concept maps and detailed explanations for all solved sample papers, Time management table to provide an estimated breakdown of time while attempting the paper, Self-evaluation charts as per CBSE Marking Scheme to find out weak and strong chapters, Section-wise topper’s answers of past 5 year board exams to help learn how to write answers to score full marks. Download Full PDF - Click Here

Topper Tips

Limit yourself to a fixed time per Question

All your months of hard work culminates into your 3 hours performance. One technique I read a lot about and even applied in my exam paper was to constrain myself to a certain number of minutes per question type. If I cross that time, I mark that question and move to the next one.This way I attempt the whole paper in time and then get back to questions that I marked for the final attempt.

Key Competency-based Qs

Look for specific terms like Evaluate, Solve, Define, Prove etc. during the reading time. These questions are designed to test your analytical, evaluating and critical thinking, in which you must always use the concepts learnt.

Casa-based Questions

  • Don't be scared to solve case-based questions. Take a look at the data/ passage/ theory and understand what is asked during the reading time only.
  • Write down all the possible steps in your answers so in case your final answer is wrong, you can still get some marks based on CBSE marking scheme.
  • Questions based on theorems, differentiation or integration concepts will probably take more time to solve. So, leave out extra time accordingly.


Self Analyse for Mistakes

After solving formula, theorem or statement based questions, read and analyse them for any mistakes.You lose half to 1 mark easily for sllly mistakes in formulas, calculations and unit representation in maths.

Revisit your Answers Again

Sometimes in a rush to solve questions and only focus on the final answer. we miss writing steps or choose incorrect options in MCQs.This can cost you valuable marks as in case your final answer is wrong. If you recheck your solved answer again,you might still score marks for the steps written according to the marking scheme.

Specific Revision Tips

  • Lay emphasis on unit representation and formulas. It is very common to lose marks in such silly mistakes.
  • Recheck the values you copy from the question.This may include numbers, symbols like decimals, percentage, etc..equations, graph values and more. This is counted as one of the most common mistakes.
  • Also, underline your final answer to help clarify for the paper checker .
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