Dog Knows: Learning How to Learn from Dogs by Sindhoor Pangal

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19. Dec 2022
Dog Knows: Learning How to Learn from Dogs by Sindhoor Pangal

Dog Knows : Learning How to Learn from Dogs written by Sindhoor Pangal is a canine behaviour consultant and myotherapist. 

About this Book - Buy Book - Click HereDog Knows: Learning How to Learn from Dogs is a warm and lovely addition to the world of dog books, with new and refreshing approaches to problems pet parents often come across in their daily lives with dogs.I have no doubt it will help many people and their dogs in achieving a better life together. The markedly differ­ent approach that Sindhoor offers, compared to other dog books in the market, sends out a clear and understandable message. The book mirrors the changing times, wherein the world is taking a more ethical and accepting view of animals and focusing on their wellbeing, something that is often missing in traditional dog training. Download Full PDF - Click Here 

In writing Dog Knows, Sindhoor has done a splendid job and has really hit the nail on the head! As the readers flip through the book, I hope they will not only enjoy but also learn from Sindhoor's wisdom.

Book Inside - My dog Nishi met with a horrific accident on a balmy day in February of 2011. A car ran over her face.

Thankfully, she survived, but that incident changed our lives in ways we could never have imagined. Two years later, we got our second dog, Tiggy, who came with a history of severe early abuse. Nishi and Tiggy set us off on a long journey of under­ standing the meaning of pain,love and empathy. My search for an­ swers led me to my mentors-Turid Rugaas, a canine ethology ex pert; Julia Robertson, a canine myotherapist; and the street dogs of India. Download PDF

I got myself qualified as a behaviour consultant and a myothera­ pist. My studies on street dogs introduced me to the field of canine ethology. I then shed my avatar of an engineer, and my career with dogs began. As an ethological researcher, I aim to gain an under­ standing of the natural behaviour of free-willed dogs; as a behav­iour consultant, I try to unravel the mind of the dog, working with behavioural clues that dogs offer; and as a myotherapist, I work on the body of the dog, observing the movements and gaits of dogs to develop a picture of their internal skeletal and muscular health and treating musculo skeletal issues through massages and func­ tional movement. After having consulted with over 2,000 dogs, I set up an educational academy offering an accredited diploma on canine behaviour and ethology.

This book is a result of my learning journey. It is a narrative of my experiences with dogs, peppered with my professional in­ sights into their lives, health and behaviour. Thanks to my engi­neering background, I have a scientific bent of mind, so when pos­sible, I use studies to explain observed phenomena. Where science fails me, I simply present to you my observations and leave it up to you to draw conclusions. This is neither a cookbook on training dogs nor packed choc-a-bloc with scientific studies on dogs. The narrative is structured to focus on personal connection, with sci­entific corroboration wherever useful. References are provided wherever necessary, collated and listed on a website for easy access. Read More

About the Author - Sindhoor Pangal is a canine behaviour consultant and myotherapist. Currently, she is the principal and director of BHARCS. 

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