DJI Mini 3 Pro Overview, Features and Reviews

DJI Mini 3 Pro Drone Camera Lightweight, foldable with a 34-minute flight time, 4K/60fps video and a 48MP photo camera. DJI Mini 3 Pro Overview and Reviews

25. Apr 2023
DJI Mini 3 Pro Overview, Features and Reviews

The Mini 3 Pro has an entirely new appearance that is designed to maximise every flight. The streamlined design provides for longer flight times and better safety thanks to bigger propellers, an aerodynamic body tilt, and a strong obstacle recognition system.

A greater rotation range for low-angle images and True Vertical Shooting is provided by the redesigned gimbal, opening up countless creative possibilities. The goal of this facelift is to elevate Mini to previously unheard-of heights, thus every detail has been meticulously scrutinised.

The compact and highly capable DJI Mini 3 Pro is as powerful as it is small. It is not only regulation-friendly but also the safest in its series thanks to its reduced weight of under 249 g and updated safety measures. It redefines what it means to fly a Mini with a 1/1.3-inch sensor and premium functionality.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Overview

Fold Up and Go

Easy use is essential for creators who are constantly on the go. Mini 3 Pro, which weighs less than 249 g, is generally exempt from registration requirements.  Additionally, you can easily bring it with you on your upcoming walk, beach day, or last-minute weekend getaway because to its foldable and portable design. Be prepared to record spectacular footage when the moment arises.


Sweet Air Time

With a longer flight time of up to 34 minutes, you may capture and explore more of your surroundings. The Intelligent Flight Battery for the DJI Mini 3 Pro is incredibly compact and powerful enough to meet your needs for aerial photography. 

We can also accommodate you if you prefer to push each flight to its absolute maximum. Consider upgrading to the Intelligent Flight Battery Plus for up to 47 minutes of worry-free exploring. 

Fly by Day and Night

Go on a day excursion and capture the intricacy of light and shadow. As dusk comes, shoot with more clarity and less noise. Enjoy the moment, adhere to your creative process, and rely on the Mini 3 Pro to capture your surroundings. 

Its Pro and Well Performance

Because the DJI Mini 3 Pro performs so well in a variety of lighting situations, you can always be prepared to create. Dual native ISO is available on the 1/1.3-inch CMOS sensor, which also permits the direct transmission of HDR video. A greater dynamic range is added to each photograph to bring forth more detail in the highlights and shadows.

Enjoy superb aerial photography standards with larger 2.4 m pixels and an f/1.7 aperture ratio. With more light available, even in dimly lit areas, your photographs will look realistic.

Aerial Photography

Beautiful 4K HDR video and 48MP RAW images will elevate your content to the next level. Even when you zoom in, astonish yourself at the vivid clarity of each picture. Alternately, use dramatic 1080p/120fps slow-motion footage to slow things down when the world becomes chaotic.


Excellent Color Mode

D-Cinelike Colour mode offers you richer colour possibilities and greater editing flexibility by supplying additional visual information.

Flight Safety with Confidence

Fly with assurance as you travel through the air. Complete upgrades have been made to the DJI Mini 3 Pro to provide active obstacle sensing and steady video transmission.

Sensing of Tri-Directional Obstacles

Our safest Mini to yet is without a doubt the DJI Mini 3 Pro. It offers a wider sensing range and increased safety because to its forward, backward, and downward dual-vision sensors, which are also part of an entirely new aircraft design.

APAS 4.0

In real time, the Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS 4.0) may identify objects in the plane's path. Due to this, the DJI Mini 3 Pro can avoid obstacles in challenging conditions.

Clear and Stable 

With DJI O3, the DJI Mini 3 Pro has a top-tier video transmission system. It guarantees a 1080p/30fps live broadcast at up to 12 kilometres away. Always fly with a clear and dependable live feed, whether you're experiencing city vistas or an outdoor excursion.

With the new DJI RC or the DJI RC-N1 Remote Controller, enjoy fluid flight and responsive control. With a 120 ms ultra-low latency, both controllers can output a maximum video bandwidth of 18 Mbps.

Share Instantly

On the go, capture priceless content that you can instantly share. A wide variety of clever features provided by the DJI Mini 3 Pro enable you to provide any film eye-catching moments and original flare.


The Mini 3 Pro offers high-speed Wi-Fi downloads at up to 25 Mbps, making your creations instantly shareable.

True Vertical Shooting

Let's try it once more in portrait mode. With only one press, quickly switch between portrait and landscape. There is no need to sacrifice image quality because the redesigned camera gimbal rotates by 90 degrees. You may get detailed photos that are immediately ready for social media with true vertical shooting.

DJI Mini 3 Pro Specifications

Brand DJI
Model Name Mini 3 Pro
Maximum Speed 16 m/s (S Mode)
Maximum Flight Time 34 Minutes
Maximum Flight Distance 18 Km
Max Wind Speed Resistance
10.7 m/s
Video Capture Resolution 4K
Effective Still Resolution 1
Connectivity Wi-Fi

Folded: 145×90×62 mm

Unfolded: 171×245×62 mm

Diagonal Length 247 mm
Weight 249 Grams
Mirror Adjustment Remote Control
Media Type Micro SD


DJI Mini 3 Pro Reviews

We've experienced a return to winter, numerous fronts, and strong winds, yet this little drone is rock-steady. The camera does not move at all at the legal limit (400 feet) until you instruct it to. The GPS is excellent and barely drifts at all. Even though it was considerably larger, my prior drone, a blade with a go pro, would become too powerful to fly in strong winds, which is how I lost the first one. It was replaced by the firm, and after it almost happened once more, I decided to put it on the shelf. The micro 3 pro outperforms that drone by a country mile and stays put.  The camera is also far superior to my GoPro, which is saying a lot. The amount of R&D that DJI must have put into this one is evident.  You won't disturb folks on the ground because the small pro 3 is likewise a lot quieter than the Blade. Additionally, they have two alternative fly more bundles; I chose the one with the bigger batteries. You must register with the FAA if you purchase the model with the larger batteries. It wasn't a big thing, but your opinion is your own. Considering that this tiny drone is expensive and that things do happen, I also went ahead and purchased DJI's extended warranty/insurance. I'm so happy I purchased this tiny flying crab!


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