Clock Should not be placed in this House Direction

Vastu Shastra: Clock should not be placed in this direction of the house, otherwise your Safe, Vault will be completely empty.

14. Feb 2023
Clock Should not be placed in this House Direction

The melodic ticking of a clock serves as a continual reminder of how rapidly time passes. Since smartphones have become more popular, wall clocks have become less significant, yet they are still common in households.

However, the Vastu Shastra offers several significant recommendations for clocks as well, which everyone should abide by. Your luck might be greatly influenced by the clock in your house. To avoid having a negative impact on your financial situation, you should turn the clock in your home in the proper direction. Best Clock According to Vaastu Shastra

North Direction 

North is the ideal location for a wall clock since Kubera, the deity of wealth and prosperity, rules that direction.

East Direction 

Since the east is ruled by the gods and Indra, the king of heaven, it is also a good idea to install a clock there since it will bring prosperity.

West Direction

A clock can be positioned in the west because Varuna, the lord of rain, rules this direction and it represents stability in life.

South Direction

A wall clock should not be positioned towards south, according Vastu principles. If not, it will negatively affect your family and finances. The explanation is that Yama, the god of death, rules this direction, which is not thought to be fortunate.

Bring such a watch in Home

  • Antique Clocks / Pendulum Clocks – They have a traditional appeal, and according to Vastu, their oscillation denotes a good flow of energy. Buy Antique Clocks
  • Round Clocks – Choose round clocks since they are the most straightforward shape and will assist increase the overall positive energy of any area. Buy Round Clocks
  • Metal clocks – North is the best direction to hang metal wall clocks or clocks with grey or white faces. Buy Metal Clocks
  • Wooden clocks – The east wall of the room is a good place for wooden wall clocks. Buy Wooden clocks


Which Clock color is best according to Vaastu Shastra?

Pick light colors for the clock, such as sky blue, light grey, white, or cream. It is best to stay away from dark colors. Choose metallic, grey, or white colours that are appropriate for the direction if you plan to mount the clock on the north wall. Choose wood or colours that go well with it for the East direction, such as dark green or brown.

Best Clock according to Vaastu Shastra - Click Here

Important things to Place Clock in Home

  • Make sure the clock keeps pace with reality; else, family members' growth may be slowed.
  • It should not be cracked or shattered. Keep the watch free of dust and cobwebs by cleaning it frequently. Get the broken clocks fixed or removed right away to avoid any bad impacts.
  • Place the wall clock inside the home, not outside at the front door. Additionally, it shouldn't have its face in front of any residential doors. Clocks should not be placed in the home over the front door or above the height of any room's door frame.
  • The clock's placement should be at an appropriate height from where it is clearly seen. Avoid setting it too low.


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