Boxer Dog Puppy Price in India

Boxer Dog Puppies usually Price between 8,000 and 25,000 Indian rupees (INR).

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20. Dec 2022
Boxer Dog Puppy Price in India

Boxer Dog Puppies Price in India?

One of those canine breeds that you may characterise as flexible and fun-loving is the boxer. Despite their imposing size, they are actually incredibly friendly. Because of their propensity to stand up on their hind legs and box with their front paws, they were given the moniker "Boxer." There are many characteristics of this dog breed that set it apart. You may learn some fascinating information about this dog breed's traits and characteristics that make it popular in India and around the world in this post.


Boxer Dog Puppies price in India - 

Boxer Dog Puppies usually Price between 8,000 and 25,000 Indian rupees (INR). The breed, gender, age, and size of a Boxer puppy all affect the dog's price.


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Popularity and History

The Molosser dog breed, which was created in Germany in the late 19th century, is thought to have included boxers. By the 19th century's conclusion, this breed had been brought to various regions of Europe. By the turn of the 20th century, it had reached the US. This breed of dog is now widespread around the world.



Large and commanding, boxers. They appear enormous because of their long, sturdy legs. On their faces, they have creases and wrinkles. They have a brachycephalic skull, which is one of their most noticeable physical characteristics. They have a huge grin on their faces as a result of this. They are popular among dog lovers because of their appearance.



Intelligent - One of the smartest breeds of dogs is the boxer. They are capable of many astounding feats if properly trained.

Active - Boxers are energetic canines. You must make sure they are kept busy all day long and ensuring that they get frequent exercise.

Loyal - All dog breeds are loyal to their owners, including boxers. They adore human company and are constantly drawn to you.

Fearless - Boxers are courageous canines that are fiercely devoted to their families. When it comes to protecting their home from intruders, they can get aggressive.


More About Boxer Dogs - 

Boxers enjoy being outdoors. They should not be left unattended inside the house. When left alone at home, they frequently cause damage. You should think twice before buying a boxer dog if you have a hectic schedule and find it tough to devote attention to your dog.

For busy families, boxers are the perfect pet. Make sure your dog has adequate room to play and move about if you live in an apartment. Your dog needs to go for regular walks.


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