Best Free Saudi Phone Apps You Must Download in 2024

Elevate your Saudi experience with essential free apps in 2024. From navigation to entertainment, these tools simplify daily life.

9. Mar 2024
Best Free Saudi Phone Apps You Must Download in 2024

Embarking on a journey in Saudi Arabia, whether as a resident or a visitor, brings a unique blend of cultural richness and practical challenges. Thankfully, the digital realm offers a plethora of free apps that serve as indispensable tools for daily life. In this guide, we've curated the best free Saudi phone apps in 2024, spanning essential services, connectivity, entertainment, exploration, and beyond.

1. Tawakkalna

A vital government app acting as a COVID-19 passport, Tawakkalna verifies health information for entry into public spaces.

2. Absher

Streamlining interactions with the Saudi government, Absher allows users to renew permits, register newborns, and check insurance status.

3. Careem/Hala

Simplify transportation with these ride-hailing apps, offering a variety of cars and payment options for stress-free travel.

4. WhatsApp/Mar (Mar = Messenger in Arabic)

The ubiquitous WhatsApp is the go-to communication tool, while Mar offers a localized experience for users seeking an Arabic alternative.

5. Noon/

For online shopping needs, Noon and provide vast product selections with convenient delivery options.

6. Shahid/Netflix

Unwind with streaming entertainment; Shahid offers Arabic content, and Netflix boasts a global library of movies and shows.

7. Visit Saudi

Your one-stop tourism app for staycations or Kingdom-wide travels, allowing you to discover hidden gems, cultural events, and book tours.

8. Eat/Hungerstation

Satisfy every craving with these food delivery apps, offering a variety of cuisines delivered straight to your door.

9. Mar Google Maps خرائط Google مار (Mar Google Maps Kharait Google Mar)

Navigate the streets of Saudi Arabia effortlessly with Google Maps, featuring an Arabic interface for a more familiar experience.

10. Snoonu

An on-demand delivery app catering to last-minute needs, delivering groceries, laundry, and electronics within minutes.


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This curated list of free Saudi phone apps is just the beginning of your digital journey in the Kingdom. With these tools on your device, you'll seamlessly navigate daily life, connect with others, explore the rich culture, and enjoy the convenience of essential services. Discover more hidden gems tailored to your interests, and soon you'll be navigating Saudi Arabia like a seasoned pro.

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