Ather 450S and New 450X Electric Scooters Launched

Discover Ather's 450S and New 450X electric scooters - features, variants, range, and pricing starting at Rs 1.30 lakh.

29. Oct 2023
Ather 450S and New 450X Electric Scooters Launched

Ather has unveiled the Ather 450S and New 450X electric scooters, starting at just Rs 1.30 lakh. Explore these cutting-edge vehicles, their features, multiple variants, impressive range, and other key specifications. These eco-friendly scooters signify a forward-thinking approach to urban mobility, catering to the needs of modern commuters. The Ather 450S boasts a substantial 2.9 kWh battery capacity, granting it an impressive IDC range of 115 kilometers. With its swift acceleration, it can reach 40 km/h from a standstill in just 3.9 seconds, ensuring efficient and agile urban mobility.


  • The Ather 450S is priced at Rs 129,999, including FAME II and state subsidies.
  • The Ather 450X has undergone upgrades to improve safety and performance.
  • Additionally, the company has introduced two new variants of the Ather 450X.


Ather has unveiled a trio of electric scooters in the Indian market, expanding its range of offerings. The line-up comprises the all-new Ather 450S and two upgraded versions of the Ather 450X. The Ather 450S, poised to compete with the Ola S1 Air, is designed to offer a more budget-friendly option compared to the flagship Ather 450X model. These scooters cater to various preferences and budgets, with prices ranging from Rs 1.30 lakh to Rs 1.68 lakh, ensuring an option for every urban commuter.

The Ather 450S is competitively priced, starting at just Rs 129,999. Meanwhile, the Ather 450X has undergone significant updates, focusing on improving both safety and performance. These innovations are part of Ather Energy's commitment to enhancing their product portfolio, all of which is built upon the reliable 450 platform.

Ather 450S

The Ather 450S comes equipped with a robust 2.9 kWh battery, offering an impressive In-Drive Charge (IDC) range of 115 kilometers. Its swift acceleration, going from 0 to 40 km/h in just 3.9 seconds, coupled with a top speed of 90 km/h, ensures a dynamic urban riding experience. Furthermore, the scooter boasts a DeepView Display, new switchgear, and innovative features like FallSafe and Emergency Stop Signal (ESS).

Notably, the coasting regenerative feature promises to extend the scooter's range by up to 7 percent, enhancing its efficiency. Moreover, Ather Grid fast chargers guarantee rapid charging, with speeds of up to 1.5 kilometers per minute, ensuring you can keep your electric scooter charged and ready for your next adventure.

For Ather 450S owners, there's an exciting option to consider: the Pro pack. This upgrade provides access to a range of valuable features, including Ride Assist, Ather battery protection, AtherStack updates, and Ather Connect. It's a great way to enhance your riding experience and make the most of your Ather electric scooter.

Ather 450X

The upgraded Ather 450X encompasses all the improvements found in the Ather 450S, ensuring a premium riding experience. What's more, the 450X introduces flexibility with two range variants, allowing users to choose between a 115 km and a 145 km range option, catering to individual commuting needs. Just like with the 450S, 450X models can also benefit from the Pro pack, unlocking a suite of advanced features and enhancements for an even more satisfying journey.

Ather 450X Features

The Ather scooters have significantly upgraded their user interface. The 7-inch DeepView Display now features auto-brightness for improved visibility in varying lighting conditions, making it user-friendly. The onboard navigation system offers an impressive 18+ directional options for seamless guidance, ensuring you reach your destination with ease. Additionally, enhanced switchgear includes convenient one-click reverse functionality and a joystick for effortless interaction with the scooter's user interface, providing a more intuitive and streamlined riding experience.

Ather's innovative FallSafe technology is a remarkable safety feature. It's designed to identify situations where a fall may occur and proactively intervenes by disengaging the accelerator when the scooter tilts beyond 60 degrees. Furthermore, the addition of the 'Emergency Stop Signal' is a critical safety enhancement that alerts riders behind the scooter in cases of abrupt, panic-braking scenarios, minimizing the risk of accidents and promoting overall safety on the road.


Ather is implementing a phased approach to deliveries. The Ather 450X (2.9 kWh) will be the first to hit the streets, scheduled for delivery in the third week of August. Following that, the Ather 450S is anticipated to commence deliveries by the end of August. For those eagerly awaiting the Ather 450X with a 3.7 kWh battery, it's set to make its debut in October. This staggered release allows for a well-managed distribution process, ensuring a smooth delivery experience for all customers.

Pro Pack Price

For enhanced features, an optional Pro pack is offered. Pricing for the Pro pack varies: it costs Rs 14,000 for the Ather 450S, Rs 16,000 for the Ather 450X (2.9 kWh), and Rs 23,000 for the Ather 450X (3.7 kWh). This allows customers to choose the features that align with their preferences and enjoy a customized riding experience.

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