Arizona Sunshine 2 Review - The Walking Shred

Discover the highs and lows of Arizona Sunshine 2 in this comprehensive review. Uncover its immersive VR gameplay and narrative intricacies.

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10. Jan 2024
Arizona Sunshine 2 Review - The Walking Shred

When I first played Arizona Sunshine 2, I experienced VR-induced pain, as is common when one takes a break from VR gaming. At first, the horde of zombies appeared unmanageable, suggesting a potential imbalance in the gameplay. But after a few more plays, VR acclimatization set in, enabling skillful control over zombies and exposing the core of the game: an arcade-style trip through the apocalyptic landscape.

Play as the original hero in this VR-only first-person zombie shooter, exploring parking lots, tunnels, and airports teeming with zombies. A power fantasy with sporadic tension is emphasized by the abundance of ammunition and "Freds" (zombies). The game shines when you have to take out enormous swarms of zombies. It was difficult at first, but learning the reload animations was essential to surviving, and I quickly went from being a clumsy fighter to a skilled zombie destroyer.

Arizona Sunshine 2


The captivating shooting mechanics of the game play a major role in its allure. Accurate targeting and space clearing become powerful and pleasurable. As the game goes on, the variety of weapons—from pistols to shotguns—increases, making it easier to eliminate mobs. Red dot sights on weapons are advantageous in simpler settings. The deliberate switching of tiers of difficulty improved my ability to advance and provided gratifying increases in precision.

Although the first installment had impressive shooting, Arizona Sunshine 2 adds two new important components. First, although breakable, melee weapons provide other assaults like to those found in arcades, departing from reality. In contrast to other games, AS2 prioritizes an arcade atmosphere, so decapitations seem more like Fruit Ninja than a realistic gameplay experience.

Arizona Sunshine 2


But the most notable addition—Buddy the dog—arrives on four legs. This faithful friend proves to be invaluable, helping to overcome initial obstacles. Because of his adaptability, Buddy may be instructed to attack, retrieve objects, and solve puzzles. Putting your trust in Buddy becomes essential as you use his abilities to repel approaching zombies or retrieve vital items that would otherwise be unobtainable, thus enhancing the gameplay experience.

The game incorporates easy-to-understand puzzles, providing short pauses from shooting galleries to improve level pacing. By using Buddy tactically in battle, I became proficient at weaving among crowds, firing accurate bullets, and carrying out rewarding melee assaults while taking advantage of gaps in the defense. Buddy increases the complexity of battle and adds more zombie variations, which adds to the game's diversity. Set pieces are carefully designed to limit mobility during key periods, such as performing in front of animated zombie crowds or traversing airports.

Arizona Sunshine 2


Even with lots of ammunition and Buddy's assistance, fights are still stressful when zombies get close. Counting bullets strategically to reload on time fits the zombie survival mythology. Additionally, the ability to play cooperatively online enhances the experience, but from a narrative standpoint, it contradicts the "lone survivor" idea by ignoring Buddy's crucial role and going against the flow of the story. However, cooperative gameplay organically enhances friendships while complementing the arcade-style shooter, and the game even offers a reliable four-legged ally.

The story of Arizona Sunshine 2 isn't its best feature; it mostly depends on a witty protagonist who is overly filled with annoying, formulaic comedy. The character's constant speech, which is common when assisting players, frequently takes away from the experience and gets worse when there aren't any unexpected narrative twists. Despite the captivating gameplay characteristics, the adventure-driven goal is not convincing enough to create memorable moments or high stakes.

Although it isn't a very innovative VR exhibit, Arizona Sunshine 2 improves upon its predecessor and broadens its appeal. However, this sequel could not spark widespread interest in a market where virtual reality experiences with a zombie theme fail to captivate customers. However, the game delivers a fun, if predictable, trip around the apocalyptic world for those who are still interested in the genre and virtual reality.

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