Aobo Human Size Robot Price, Features and Reviews

Experience unmatched service with Aobo Human Size Robot – a cutting-edge AI marvel for hotels and malls. Check Aobo Robot price, features and reviews.

12. Mar 2024
Aobo Human Size Robot Price, Features and Reviews

Aobo Human Size Service Robot stands at the forefront of artificial intelligence, combining intelligent motion programming, business efficiency, and seamless interaction to redefine service in public areas. Whether at hotel receptions or shopping malls, this autonomous robot ensures a personalized and futuristic experience for guests and customers alike. Welcome to the future of service robotics – where innovation meets human-like interaction.

Aobo Human Size Robot Features

Motion Programming: The Aobo Human Size Robot boasts intricate motion programming, enabling fluid movements of its head, neck, arms, and fingers. These motions are customizable, facilitating interaction and engagement with users. Moreover, the robot possesses a vast knowledge base, accessing information from both online networks and a self-updated Q&A database to answer a myriad of questions.

Business Processing: Functioning as a capable assistant, the robot efficiently handles various business tasks. It adeptly recognizes ID cards, bank cards, and IC cards, guiding individuals to designated areas within a hotel or shopping mall. Upon completing its task, the robot autonomously returns, streamlining business operations and enhancing customer service.

Guests & VIP Welcome: With a friendly demeanor, the Aobo Robot warmly greets guests and VIPs, engaging in handshakes and offering assistance. Leveraging its connectivity to online networks, it effectively communicates with individuals, addressing queries and providing relevant information.

Lead & Explanation: Navigating public areas with precision, the robot acts as a knowledgeable guide, leading individuals to their desired destinations. Furthermore, it offers insightful explanations about various locations and attractions. During its movements, the robot emulates human-like gestures, enhancing the immersive experience.

Voice Control: Seamlessly integrated with voice control technology, the Aobo Robot responds to verbal commands with efficiency and accuracy. Users can interact with the robot to access a range of functionalities, including displaying pictures, playing movies, providing weather updates, and engaging in casual conversation.

Battery Composition and Power Source: Powered by advanced lithium battery cells, the Aobo Robot ensures prolonged operational efficiency. Its battery-powered design offers flexibility and mobility, allowing it to function seamlessly in diverse environments without the need for constant recharging.

Aobo Human Size Robot Price

Aobo Human Size Robot Price in the US starts from $16,888, you can buy Aobo Human Size Robot online at lowest price.

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Aobo Human Size Robot Reviews (Rating: 5/5)

The Aobo Human Size Robot is a game-changer! Its fluid motion programming, business prowess, and VIP welcoming capabilities redefine service excellence. As a guide, it effortlessly leads with human-like gestures and provides insightful explanations. The voice control feature makes interaction a breeze, offering entertainment and information on the go.

Powered by a reliable lithium battery, this robot seamlessly blends advanced technology with a friendly demeanor. Aobo is more than a robot; it's a sophisticated companion enhancing experiences in public spaces. With its innovation and versatility, it sets a new benchmark for AI-driven service robots.

Aobo Human Size Robot PROS and CONS


  • Seamless Motion Programming: Aobo's lifelike movements enhance user engagement.
  • Business Efficiency: Recognizes cards, guides, and returns autonomously, streamlining operations.
  • Welcoming VIPs: Warm greetings, handshakes, and efficient online communication.
  • Guiding Expertise: Acts as a knowledgeable guide, offering insightful explanations with human-like gestures.
  • Voice Control: Effortless interaction, catering to various commands and providing entertainment.



  • Cost: Initial investment might be high for some businesses.
  • Limited Autonomy: Relies on battery power, requiring occasional recharging.



In conclusion, the Aobo Human Size Robot represents a groundbreaking innovation in service robotics, catering to the evolving needs of public spaces such as hotels and shopping malls. With its advanced features, seamless functionality, and human-like interactions, it sets a new standard for excellence in artificial intelligence-driven service provision.

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