7 Reason Why You Should Not Become A Data Scientist

Discover the lesser-known challenges in data science careers. Our insightful guide outlines 7 reasons to reconsider before diving into this dynamic field.

8. Dec 2023
7 Reason Why You Should Not Become A Data Scientist

Data science has become a more appealing career option in recent years, attracting many with its great prospects. Despite the enthusiasm that surrounds this career, it's important to carefully consider any potential disadvantages. The obligations and obstacles that come with pursuing a career in data science may not align with every person's goals and inclinations. It is essential to investigate both its attractive features and possible drawbacks before deciding on this professional choice. Here are seven reasons to carefully weigh before committing to a career in data science:

1. Continuous Learning Demands

The dynamic and ever-evolving nature of data science necessitates that practitioners stay up to date with the latest tools, algorithms, and techniques. It might be difficult for people to commit to lifelong learning in this field because it takes a lot of time and work to guarantee skill and relevance. The dynamic nature of data science demands a constant commitment to learning and skill development, which can be daunting for certain individuals owing to the steady time and energy commitment required.

2. High Competition in the Job Market

The field of data science continues to have a strong need for qualified workers, as well as a competitive environment. The flood of prospective data scientists has made the labour market oversupplied, which has increased competition for in-demand roles in the industry. Making a name for yourself in this competitive market may be extremely difficult, especially for people looking for entry-level positions. The overabundance of talent in the field highlights how crucial it is to develop distinctive abilities and provide special knowledge in order to stand out in this cutthroat environment.

3. Routine Data Cleaning and Preprocessing

Contrary to popular belief, a significant portion of a data scientist's duties centre on cleaning and preparing data. This critical stage involves spending a significant amount of time correcting mistakes and inconsistencies in datasets prior to beginning the actual analytical procedures. Ensuring the correctness and dependability of the data being analysed requires a methodical approach and thorough attention to detail, which can be difficult at times. Contrary to popular belief about the more glamorous parts of data science, this fundamental stage frequently takes a significant amount of time and effort. However, it establishes the foundations for useful and reliable studies.

4. Work-Life Balance Challenges

Data science roles, especially those in quickly changing sectors, may provide inherent difficulties in striking a balance between work and personal obligations. The demanding work atmosphere marked by strict deadlines and large-scale projects can cause significant stress and may even invade personal time and the balance between work and life. People are under a great deal of pressure to provide correct insights in a timely manner, which can make it difficult to strike a healthy balance between work and personal life. In order to negotiate the obstacles that come with these responsibilities and maintain a healthy work-life balance, it is imperative that intentional efforts be made to manage workload effectively and prioritise self-care.

5. Ethical Dilemmas in Data Handling

In the field of data science, professionals often face moral conundrums pertaining to data protection, bias reduction, and responsible information use. Managing sensitive data requires a thorough awareness of the potential consequences of data misuse as well as a heightened sensitivity to ethical considerations. Data scientists have an ethical duty to manage the complexity of information usage in ways that preserve integrity, justice, and respect for privacy in addition to the technological components of their job. Tailoring data-driven judgements to ethical norms and social ramifications in addition to technological competency necessitates a comprehensive strategy to addressing these ethical issues.

6. Job Role Misinterpretation

The gap between expectations and reality in the field of data science may sometimes be very large. While those who are new to the industry may expect to get right into cutting edge analytics and predictive modelling, they may find that a significant amount of their time is spent on more mundane duties like cleaning or data wrangling. It may be startling when expectations and the nature of the work diverge, especially when it comes to young professionals' early career goals. Understanding and adjusting to the combination of creative labour and basic, perhaps monotonous, chores is essential for those navigating the complexities of a data science profession.

7. Stressful Decision-Making and Accountability

Data scientists bear the heavy responsibility of providing crucial business choices with insights derived from data analysis. Because of the great accountability associated with these choices, the weight of this duty frequently causes tension and strain. The direction of a corporation may be shaped by any analysis, and the stakes for accuracy and dependability are quite high. The strain data scientists experience is increased when they realise that a single error or omission might have significant repercussions. This emphasises the need of paying close attention to detail and maintaining a strict commitment to precision in their studies.


There are many potential in the broad field of data science, but there are also many problems that must be acknowledged and overcome. Thinking through these aspects carefully provides a broad view that can help determine whether pursuing a career in data science aligns with one's professional goals, interests, and ability to handle its complexity. By assessing these components, people may get essential knowledge that enables them to make well-informed decisions about their path into the complex world of data science.

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