7 Plants that keep Mice Rats away from your Home

In order to prevent rats and mice from entering your home, consider one of these plants if you're looking for alternative, natural repellents.

13. Mar 2023
7 Plants that keep Mice Rats away from your Home

It's always concerning to find mice in your house or see a rat in the garden, which is why it's critical to address pest issues as soon as they arise.

Finding a solution to get rid of mice or rats can be difficult, irritating, and frequently expensive. Plants, however, offer a more straightforward, hassle-free solution to your pest management problems.

Unexpectedly, there are particular plants that prevent mice and rats from entering your home. These popular plants and herbs, which are well known for their fragrant qualities, will actually be repulsive to rats because their sense of smell is considerably stronger than that of people.

Keep in mind that rats are not only an annoyance, damaging your home and yard, but they also transmit a variety of diseases that can be dangerous for the health of your family. Because of this, it's crucial to pest-proof your house and yard.

In order to prevent rats and mice from entering your home, consider one of these plants if you're looking for alternative, natural repellents.

1. Garlic and Onions

We all have garlic and onions in our homes, and mice and rats don't like the fragrance of those things. Particularly, the sulphur compounds in garlic generate a strong odour that repels rats. Similar to this, a sliced, raw onion releases a potent odour that can irritate mice and rats' eyes and cause them to flee. Also, if consumed, this can instantly render rats anaemic by depriving their cells of oxygen. Put a few onion slices around the house in any event to deter them.

Also, you can discover how to produce garlic from cloves in pots or your backyard. Nevertheless, you may build a simple garlic repellant if you don't have a backyard or the time to produce your own. Just purée four or five cloves and pour that into a spray bottle with a pint of water. Finally, mist your solution over any potential entryways or locations where mice or rats are frequently seen. Even while it could give your house a garlicky fragrance, it's a little price to pay to keep pests away!

2. Daffodils

Although these common spring flowers have a lovely floral aroma, mice and rats find them repulsive. Rodent-attracting exterior plants can be surrounded by daffodil bulbs, or the aromatic flowers might be scattered around the house.

Furthermore, Lycorine and other alkaloids present in the plant, particularly the bulb, make the entire plant toxic if consumed. Small animals may have relief from diarrhoea and vomiting as a result of this.

3. Lavender

This lovely purple shrub is well-known for its invigorating aroma. Although the lingering smell is pleasant for our houses, mice and rats find it disgusting. Because of this, consider cultivating lavender in your backyard. Alternatively, you might scatter a few stalks of it around the bases of existing plants.

As an alternative, insert small sachets filled with dried lavender in the cracks and crevices where mice are most likely to enter your home. Or, you might choose to spray lavender essential oils all about your house. Mice and rats should be deterred by the powerful odour.

4. Sage

This fragrant herb, which we frequently use in our pasta dishes, is also effective against pests. The scents of both the green and white sage kinds are very repulsive to rats. Just scatter herbs in cracks around the house, around outdoor plants, or in soil. Rats and mice should stay outside thanks to the strong odours.

You may either buy fresh sage from your neighbourhood grocery to place outside or cultivate it in pots in your backyard. In either case, you'll always have plenty for your delectable dinners! Oregano, basil, thyme, black pepper, and cayenne are other potent herbs with powerful aromas that can be found in your kitchen cabinets.

5. Mint

Rodents also detest the clean odours of the mint version. especially the stronger varieties like peppermint and spearmint. To keep mice and rats away, think about growing these fragrant herbs in your backyard or in containers.

An alternative is to soak cotton balls in peppermint essential oils before scattering them over the house or in troublesome locations. Just remember to take them out once the aroma has worn off and replace them. Alternatively just fill a spray bottle with a mixture of two teaspoons of peppermint oil and a cup of water. Afterwards, use the homemade remedy to attack the places outside and around the house where you typically encounter rodents.

6. Lemongrass or Citronella

Lemongrass is a grass-like, tropical plant with a fresh, citrus aroma that mice and rats really don't enjoy. To deter pests, lemongrass plants should ideally be grown or placed outside. Rodents also detest the citronella's lemon-like scent, which you may readily utilise in and around your home.

If you are unable to grow lemongrass in your backyard, you can purchase candles made of citronella or spray their essential oils. In addition, lemongrass extract oil will be considerably more effective against rodents if combined with other essential oils. The most efficient insect repellents, which are also known to get rid of mosquitoes and other common pests, are really lemongrass and citronella.

7. Chrysanthemums

Chrysanthemums are a similar colourful plant that gives off a strong odour that repels mice and rats. The blooms contain a unique mixture of chemicals that are both powerful insect repellents and potentially lethal insecticidal agents. They are common flowers, so you can easily buy them in your neighbourhood gardening store to either plant outside or indoors.

Chrysanthemums are once again proven to be poisonous to both cats and dogs. Keep pets away from these as nibbling on one of them can result in some very significant symptoms like diarrhoea, vomiting, excessive drooling, and more!


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