6 Cool Tips for Streaming Pre-recorded Videos

Explore essential tips for streaming pre-recorded videos. Enhance your video content strategy and engagement with our expert advice.

15. Sep 2023
6 Cool Tips for Streaming Pre-recorded Videos

Live broadcasts on social platforms offer an engaging and authentic experience for users, fostering a sense of connection with their online idols and the opportunity for real-time interaction. However, this dynamic social activity can sometimes encounter disruptions. Content creators may inadvertently veer off-script, potentially losing viewer interest.

To address these challenges and maintain the quality of content, an effective solution is to opt for pre-recorded videos. This approach allows for meticulous editing, enabling the removal of unwanted segments and enhancing overall video quality.

In this article, we delve into the intricacies of producing and promoting pre-recorded videos. We provide comprehensive insights into the format and structure of such content, along with valuable recommendations to help content creators optimize their strategy for reaching and engaging their target audience effectively.

Why Should You Think About Pre-Recording?

Many Instagram users have likely observed recurring issues during live broadcasts, such as awkward silences, pixelation, and unclear speech. While these may be tolerable for content creators aiming for a casual or spontaneous style, they can detract from the quality of the content in most other cases.

To ensure your content shines and remains unhindered by external and internal factors, it's advisable to prepare your streams in advance. This proactive approach allows you to address potential obstacles and deliver an ideal video presentation.

It's crucial to acknowledge that live streaming tends to draw the largest viewership, provided that everything proceeds as planned and appears and sounds impeccable. However, launching a live broadcast can bring about technical glitches like extended periods of silence or lack of engaging content, essentially replicating the issues mentioned earlier.

These issues have the potential to drive viewers away in favor of more entertaining and emotionally engaging content creators, considering the abundant choices available to online audiences today. Naturally, you'd prefer to retain your audience.

To circumvent these challenges, the option of uploading pre-recorded videos and broadcasting them within the platform's live feature, effectively creating a looped presentation, was introduced. This strategy allows you to reap maximum benefits without the need for substantial real-time audience engagement efforts. You can simply upload a previously recorded (and possibly edited) video at your convenience and enjoy the results.

It's important to note that Instagram doesn't offer an inherent feature to upload prerecorded video content; it primarily supports live streaming. Therefore, to employ pre-recorded videos effectively, you'll need to utilize external software solutions, which we'll discuss in the following paragraph.

6 Tips to Increase Your Target Engagement

Achieving fame and recognition in any endeavor, including the world of social media and blogging, does not come with a magical "Felix Felicis" recipe that guarantees instant success. Instead, it demands unwavering consistency, patience, and, above all, diligence. These qualities are the true companions on the path to recognition and influence.

However, the journey to success can be accelerated by learning from experienced bloggers who have navigated the terrain before you. They have honed their craft, made mistakes, and discovered shortcuts that can prove immensely valuable.

So, what are these magical tips, these nuggets of wisdom that can help expedite your progress? Let's delve into them now, unveiling the strategies and insights that can empower you on your journey toward achieving your goals and gaining recognition in your chosen field.

1. Run Pre-recorded Videos When You are Busy

Approximately one-third of social media platform users actively engage with live broadcasts, but what exactly prompts them to select specific content creators or bloggers to follow and tune in to regularly?

The answer, in essence, is quite straightforward: it's the consistency and predictability of live broadcasts. When your audience knows when to expect fresh and engaging content from you, it fosters a sense of anticipation and loyalty.

Yet, the demands of content creation can be challenging, especially when juggling multiple responsibilities. There are times when inspiration may wane, or circumstances may not align for you to present your best self on a live stream.

For those aiming to transform video blogging into a lucrative source of income, periods of downtime can adversely affect subscriber interest. When you eventually return to live streaming, you risk a diminished viewership.

The solution lies in meticulous preparation of video content in advance, which can then be seamlessly integrated into your live broadcasts. This approach empowers you to develop a well-planned content strategy weeks or even months ahead of time. The benefit is that your audience remains engaged and intrigued by the prospect of fresh, high-quality content, regardless of temporary breaks or fluctuations in your availability.

By adopting this method, you can maintain viewer interest and build a devoted audience without the pressure of constantly generating new ideas or content on the spot. It allows you to deliver consistent and engaging material while preserving your connection with your audience over time.

2. Be sure to consider the entire Scenario

No matter how skilled you are in live interactions with your audience, the absence of a well-structured script can potentially undermine the image you've meticulously cultivated over years of hard work and dedication.

To prevent such scenarios and maintain a consistent and professional persona, it's crucial to prepare a comprehensive script that outlines your responses to even the most challenging or unexpected audience queries. Moreover, when spontaneous comments and interactions aren't anticipated, having pre-recorded video content readily available offers the flexibility to re-record and refine your message until it aligns perfectly with your intended image.

But what exactly do experienced Instagram bloggers mean by the concept of a script? It extends beyond just the sequence of actions behind the camera. It encompasses your appearance, demeanor, speech patterns, facial expressions, and even the timing and frequency with which you encourage viewers to engage with your content, make purchases, like your posts, or leave comments.

In practice, after the initial take, it's common to identify areas where the execution wasn't as seamless as envisioned. In such instances, the ability to seamlessly integrate pre-recorded video content into your live broadcasts empowers you to iterate and fine-tune your message until it aligns precisely with the script you've crafted, ensuring that you consistently project a professional and polished image to your audience.

3. Protect Yourself From Technical Failures

While live interaction with the target audience holds the potential for maximum engagement and profit, it's prudent to incorporate pre-recorded videos into your content strategy. This precaution arises from the inherent unpredictability of technical malfunctions, a risk no blogger can entirely eliminate.

Particularly, videos exceeding 90 seconds may experience delays, leading to a significant drop in viewership—a regrettable but statistically supported reality. Integrating pre-recorded videos mitigates this risk, ensuring a seamless viewing experience for your audience.

Furthermore, there are instances where pre-recording becomes the sole viable option for delivering high-quality content to your audience, particularly in scenarios involving crucial broadcasts such as VIP events. In such cases, suboptimal streaming quality could inadvertently diminish the value of the content for your viewers.

By incorporating pre-recorded videos into your live streams, you not only circumvent potential technical hiccups but also unlock opportunities for heightened creativity and polished delivery. The accompanying graph illustrates the varying levels of value that live streaming brings to different social media brands, underscoring its significance within the digital landscape.

4. Utilise Social Platform Algorithm Guidelines

Social platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and others consistently prioritize live features when it comes to content discovery. Notably, the LIVE badge on your video takes precedence in your followers' feeds, creating a palpable sense of immediacy. Therefore, the strategic uploading of pre-recorded content within this format can yield significant benefits.

Moreover, live content is subject to specialized algorithms that reward consistent user engagement, including views, likes, and comments. These interactions effectively "boost" the visibility of the content creator's profile within the platform's recommendations.

Consequently, active engagement with your audience during live streams, incorporating pre-recorded videos when appropriate, can seamlessly integrate into your overall Instagram account promotion strategy. This holistic approach optimizes your online presence and enhances your profile's visibility, ultimately contributing to your social media success.

5. Plan Your Broadcasts Properly

Every social platform that supports live broadcasts boasts its unique set of indicators for maximum user engagement. These metrics can fluctuate significantly based on factors such as geographical location, gender, age, and various demographic characteristics. When planning the timing of your live broadcasts, it's crucial to consider these platform-specific insights to optimize your reach and impact.

This strategic consideration becomes particularly advantageous when dealing with pre-recorded videos. In such cases, scheduling a broadcast time for your pre-made content aligns seamlessly with your audience's peak engagement periods. By strategically planning your broadcasts, you can ensure that your content reaches its intended audience when they are most active and receptive, contributing to a more successful and impactful online presence.

6. Loop Your Pre-recorded Videos

At first glance, incorporating looped pre-recorded videos may appear extraneous. However, the practical benefits are evident. Looping provides you with the invaluable ability to extend your streams effortlessly, tailoring their length to suit your specific objectives.

Beyond the efficiency of utilizing pre-recorded videos, looping further amplifies their impact. By seamlessly cycling through content, your stream has the potential to reach a wider audience spanning various time zones.

To facilitate this process, platforms like Gyre.pro offer a streamlined solution for seamlessly looping your pre-recorded broadcasts. This resourceful tool eliminates the need to continuously create new content for fresh viewers, enhancing the overall viewer experience.

Moreover, this feature proves invaluable for brands seeking to promote their products effectively. With looped content, you ensure that every item receives due attention, leaving a lasting impression on your audience and maximizing brand exposure.


In the realm of modern digital marketing, harnessing the power of pre-recorded videos to enhance engagement and broaden your outreach to your target audience has become an imperative strategy. If you haven't yet explored this avenue, now is the opportune moment to embrace it. By integrating pre-recorded videos into your content repertoire, you'll quickly witness a significant upswing in user activity on your profile.

However, it's important to note that realizing the full potential of pre-recorded videos often necessitates the use of specialized software. While platforms like Instagram offer valuable tools, their default functionalities may fall short of meeting your creative aspirations. To fully bring your vision to life and optimize your engagement strategy, investing in specialized software tailored to your needs is a prudent step forward.


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