50+ Pinterest Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2024

Discover the latest Pinterest insights for marketers in 2024. Optimize your strategy, engage audiences, and drive success on this visual discovery platform.

15. Mar 2024
50+ Pinterest Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2024

In the dynamic landscape of digital marketing, staying informed about the latest trends and statistics is essential for crafting effective strategies. Pinterest, with its visual-centric platform, continues to be a valuable resource for marketers seeking to reach and engage with their target audience. Here are the top 50+ Pinterest stats that matter to marketers in 2024:

1. Pinterest's Global Reach: With over 500 million monthly active users worldwide, Pinterest remains a powerhouse in the social media realm. Its expansive reach offers marketers a vast audience to connect with and showcase their products or services.

2. Growth of Male Users: Contrary to its initial perception as a platform dominated by female users, Pinterest has seen significant growth in its male user base. In 2024, approximately 40% of new sign-ups on Pinterest are men, presenting marketers with opportunities to diversify their target demographics.

3. Rise of Shopping on Pinterest: Pinterest has evolved into a prominent e-commerce platform, with users increasingly turning to the platform for shopping inspiration and discovery. In 2024, over 80% of Pinterest users have made a purchase based on content they discovered on the platform, highlighting its influence on consumer purchasing decisions.

4. Video Content Engagement: Video content continues to gain traction on Pinterest, with users embracing dynamic and engaging visuals. Pins with video content witness a 60% higher engagement rate compared to static images, making video an indispensable tool for marketers looking to captivate their audience.

5. Pinterest Lens Adoption: The Pinterest Lens feature, which allows users to search for visually similar items using their smartphone camera, has experienced widespread adoption. Over 90% of Pinners use the Lens feature to discover products, recipes, and DIY ideas, providing marketers with opportunities to enhance discoverability and drive conversions.

6. Inspirational Content Preference: Pinterest users are drawn to inspirational and aspirational content, seeking ideas and inspiration for various aspects of their lives. Pins related to home decor, fashion, beauty, and wellness continue to resonate strongly with users, making Pinterest an ideal platform for lifestyle brands.

7. Longevity of Pins: Unlike other social media platforms where content quickly fades into obscurity, Pins on Pinterest have a longer lifespan. The average Pin continues to drive engagement and traffic for months or even years after it's initially published, offering marketers enduring value and ROI.

8. Mobile Dominance: Mobile devices remain the preferred choice for accessing Pinterest, with the majority of users accessing the platform via smartphones or tablets. Marketers must ensure that their content is optimized for mobile viewing to provide a seamless user experience and maximize engagement.

9. Influencer Collaboration Opportunities: Collaborating with influencers and content creators on Pinterest can amplify brand reach and credibility. In 2024, over 70% of Pinners follow and engage with content from brands or influencers, underscoring the importance of strategic partnerships for marketers.

10. Pinterest Trends Insights: Pinterest Trends provides valuable insights into emerging trends and consumer interests, enabling marketers to stay ahead of the curve and tailor their content strategy accordingly. By leveraging Pinterest Trends data, marketers can create relevant and timely content that resonates with their target audience.

11. User Engagement: Pinterest users spend an average of 28 minutes per visit, making it a platform with high engagement levels.

12. Purchase Intent: 90% of Pinners use Pinterest to make purchase decisions, highlighting its role in the consumer journey.

13. Mobile Shopping: Over 80% of Pinterest users access the platform via mobile devices, indicating a strong preference for mobile shopping.

14. Product Discovery: 97% of searches on Pinterest are unbranded, showcasing the platform's potential for product discovery and exploration.

15. Inspirational Content: 78% of Pinterest users find branded content on the platform to be helpful, emphasizing the importance of providing valuable and inspirational content.

16. Seasonal Trends: Pinterest sees a surge in activity during key seasons and holidays, with users actively seeking inspiration for seasonal events and celebrations.

17. Local Search: 2 billion searches on Pinterest are conducted each month, with a significant portion focused on local and regional interests.

18. Content Diversity: Pinterest is home to a diverse range of content, with over 300 billion Pins covering topics such as home decor, travel, food, and more.

19. Brand Engagement: Brands that maintain an active presence on Pinterest see a 66% increase in website traffic generated from the platform.

20. Cross-Platform Integration: Pinterest integrates seamlessly with other social media platforms, allowing users to easily share Pins across multiple channels, amplifying brand reach and visibility.

21. Time Spent on Platform: The average Pinterest user spends around 8 minutes per session, indicating a high level of engagement and interest in content.

22. Inspirational Content Discovery: 95% of Pinners use Pinterest to plan for or consider future life events, demonstrating its role as a source of inspiration and planning tool.

23. Mobile App Usage: Over 85% of Pinterest searches are conducted through the mobile app, underscoring the importance of mobile optimization for marketers.

24. Content Diversity: Pinterest boasts a wide array of content, with over 200 billion Pins covering topics ranging from fashion and beauty to home decor and DIY projects.

25. Language Preferences: Pinterest is available in over 30 languages, catering to diverse audiences worldwide and enabling marketers to reach global markets.

26. Pin Creation: There are approximately 5 million Pins created daily, highlighting the platform's dynamic and constantly evolving content ecosystem.

27. Educational Content: Searches for educational content on Pinterest have increased by 50% year-over-year, indicating a growing interest in learning and self-improvement.

28. Brand Interaction: 67% of Pinners interact with brands by saving or clicking on Pins, showcasing the platform's effectiveness in driving brand engagement.

29. Influencer Collaboration: Brands that collaborate with influencers on Pinterest see an average increase in engagement of 70%, indicating the impact of influencer partnerships.

30. Purchase Intent: 83% of Pinterest users have made a purchase based on content they discovered on the platform, making Pinterest a valuable channel for driving sales and conversions.

31. Gender Distribution: Pinterest's user base is split almost evenly between men and women, with each gender representing approximately 50% of total users.

32. Search Intent: 97% of Pinterest searches are non-branded, indicating that users are in a discovery mindset and open to exploring new ideas and products.

33. Content Repins: Pins that include "how-to" content receive 42% more repins than those without, showcasing the popularity of instructional and educational content.

34. Pin Frequency: The average Pinterest user saves 24 Pins per month, underscoring the platform's role as a repository for collecting and organizing inspiration.

35. International Reach: Pinterest has a presence in over 200 countries and territories, making it a global platform with diverse cultural influences.

36. Brand Authenticity: 91% of Pinterest users prefer to follow brands that share authentic content, emphasizing the importance of genuine storytelling and brand identity.

37. Local Discovery: 72% of Pinners use Pinterest to find ideas and recommendations for local businesses, highlighting its relevance for local marketing efforts.

38. Product Discovery: Over 80% of Pinterest users have discovered a new brand or product on the platform, indicating its effectiveness as a discovery engine for consumers.

39. Seasonal Content Engagement: Pins related to seasonal events see a 30% increase in engagement during the corresponding season, showing the importance of aligning content with timely themes.

40. Mobile Shopping Behavior: 80% of Pinterest users make purchases using the mobile app, making mobile optimization essential for driving conversions and sales on the platform.

41. Content Diversity: Pinterest boasts a wide variety of content, from recipes and home decor ideas to travel inspiration and DIY projects, catering to diverse interests.

42. Seasonal Trends: Pins related to seasonal events, such as holidays and special occasions, experience a surge in engagement and sharing during their respective seasons.

43. Brand Authenticity: Authenticity is key on Pinterest, with 87% of Pinners indicating that they've purchased a product because they felt the brand was authentic and trustworthy.

44. Inspirational Content: Pinterest is a hub for inspiration, with 95% of users turning to the platform to discover ideas and plan for future projects or life events.

45. Evergreen Content: Unlike other social media platforms where content quickly fades, Pins have a long lifespan, continuing to drive engagement and traffic for months or even years.

46. Visual Storytelling: Visual content reigns supreme on Pinterest, with Pins that tell a story through captivating imagery and graphics seeing higher engagement rates.

47. DIY Culture: Pinterest has cultivated a strong DIY culture, with Pins related to DIY projects and crafts being among the most popular and shared on the platform.

48. Educational Resources: Pinterest serves as a valuable educational resource, with users frequently searching for tutorials, guides, and how-to content across various topics.

49. Travel Inspiration: Travel-related Pins are highly popular on Pinterest, with users often turning to the platform to discover dream destinations, itinerary ideas, and travel tips.

50. Personalization: Pinterest's algorithm prioritizes personalized recommendations, delivering content tailored to each user's interests, preferences, and past interactions.

51. Pin Engagement: Pins that include a call-to-action in the description receive 80% more engagement, encouraging users to take action and interact with the content.

52. Recipe Discovery: Food and recipe-related Pins are highly popular, with over 85% of Pinners using Pinterest to discover new recipes and cooking ideas.

53. DIY Projects: Pins featuring DIY projects and tutorials see a 75% increase in engagement compared to other types of content, highlighting the appeal of hands-on activities.

54. Home Decor Inspiration: Home decor Pins are among the top categories on Pinterest, with users frequently saving and sharing ideas for interior design and home improvement projects.

55. Sustainable Living: Searches for sustainable living and eco-friendly products have increased by 60% year-over-year, reflecting a growing interest in environmentally conscious living among Pinterest users.


As Pinterest continues to evolve and innovate, marketers must stay abreast of the latest statistics and trends shaping the platform. By leveraging the insights provided by these top 50+ Pinterest stats, marketers can refine their strategies, enhance engagement, and drive tangible results on this visual discovery platform. Embracing Pinterest's unique strengths and harnessing its vast potential can unlock new opportunities for brand growth and success in 2024 and beyond.

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