5 Unnecessary VS Code Extensions You Should Uninstall Now

Streamline your VS Code experience! Learn why you should uninstall these 5 unnecessary extensions for smoother coding. Boost productivity now.

12. Apr 2024
5 Unnecessary VS Code Extensions You Should Uninstall Now

Visual Studio Code (VS Code) stands out among developers for its versatility and extensibility. With a vast marketplace offering a plethora of extensions, it's easy to get carried away and install more than you actually need. However, an overcrowded VS Code environment can slow down your workflow and even affect your productivity. In this article, we'll pinpoint five unnecessary extensions that might be cluttering your workspace and slowing down your coding journey. Let's dive in.

1. Auto Close Tag Extensions

These extensions automatically insert closing tags when you type an opening tag in HTML, XML, or JSX files. While it might seem handy, VS Code already has built-in support for auto-closing tags, making these extensions redundant. Not only do they consume unnecessary resources, but they also add complexity to your setup.

Solution: Uninstall extensions like Auto Close Tag and Close HTML/XML Tag. Instead, leverage VS Code's native auto-closing feature.

2. Trailing Whitespace Extensions

Trailing whitespace at the end of lines can be a nuisance, affecting code readability and consistency. Extensions like Trailing Spaces and AutoTrim aim to tackle this issue by highlighting and removing trailing spaces automatically. However, VS Code offers native functionality for trimming trailing whitespace, rendering these extensions unnecessary.

Solution: Remove extensions such as Trailing Spaces and AutoTrim. Rely on VS Code's built-in support for trimming trailing whitespace.

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3. Auto Rename Tag Extension

The Auto Rename Tag extension simplifies the process of renaming HTML/XML tags by automatically updating the closing tag when you rename the opening tag. While this might sound convenient, it duplicates functionality already present in VS Code, leading to redundancy.

Solution: Bid farewell to the Auto Rename Tag extension and rely on VS Code's native tag renaming feature.

4. Bracket Pair Colorizer Extension

This extension color-codes matching brackets in your code, making it easier to identify pairs. While it's undoubtedly useful, this functionality is now incorporated into VS Code by default, eliminating the need for a separate extension.

Solution: Say goodbye to the Bracket Pair Colorizer extension and enjoy native bracket pair highlighting in VS Code.

5. Settings Sync Extension

Settings Sync extensions allow you to synchronize your VS Code settings across different devices, ensuring a consistent development environment. However, with VS Code introducing built-in settings synchronization through Microsoft accounts, these extensions become redundant.

Solution: Uninstall Settings Sync extensions and utilize VS Code's native settings synchronization feature.

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By decluttering your VS Code environment and removing unnecessary extensions, you'll not only free up valuable resources but also streamline your workflow and enhance productivity. Embrace the native features of VS Code and keep your workspace clean and efficient.

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