3 Tips for AI Companies to Break Through the Noise

For AI businesses, getting attention from reporters is more difficult than ever. Here's how they can create interesting, newsworthy stories that promote PR success.

12. May 2023
3 Tips for AI Companies to Break Through the Noise

In the IT industry, recent enthusiasm about the potential of generative AI has sparked a surge of confidence. Despite the fact that artificial intelligence is a common topic in the tech news cycle, OpenAI and other generative AI tools have gained widespread attention in a level we haven't seen before, and every significant tech firm is looking for a way in. 

Because of this, it is very challenging for developing AI firms and really, any company that wants to employ AI in their business to get earned media attention for their solutions. Reporters' and editors' inboxes are overflowing with pitches relating to AI. AI firms can no longer rely on originality for storytelling in order to stand out from the crowd. They require distinctive and appealing PR tactics that better meet the requirements of modern tech reporters and the crowded AI market. 

1. Provide Reporters with Unique Thought Leadership

Retail, banking, healthcare, and numerous more industries are being transformed by AI. Pitch decks that attempt to include all of these businesses might, however, come out as generic and unfocused. Reporters respond far better to proposals that show how AI addresses an issue in a particular business. For instance, a pitch that focuses on the influence of AI in a specific area of the healthcare industry will be more successful than one that discusses the usage of AI in manufacturing, banking, and healthcare.

Knowing which trends to embrace and which to ignore can help you create compelling proposals. Try as you may, your business can't possibly have a distinct viewpoint on every new AI advancement. Instead, concentrate on the accuracy and timeliness of your proposals, and select your themes and editors wisely. It's crucial to keep in mind that for this strategy to be effective, you'll need a solid grasp of your organization's perspective and present market positioning. 

Make Engaging News Packages

When it comes to getting media attention, the calibre and planning of your news packages the whole story packages you give to the media will be a key determinant of success. It's crucial to consider how to make your solution stand out when making an announcement or launching a new product connected to artificial intelligence. You should also support the tale with evidence and viewpoints that connect your technology to the broader industry. 

This might entail supporting product releases with market research that shows how important your solution is. The announcement might potentially coincide with a significant AI industry event to take advantage of the coverage that journalists will be giving that area at that time. During this process, keep important AI and tech conferences like the AI Summit New York and EmTech from the MIT Technology Review in your thoughts. These conferences are a fantastic opportunity to spread awareness of your product, but only if you properly plan in advance. 

The lead-up to these conferences should be used to time announcements, data reports, customer campaigns, and thought leadership initiatives. This allows you ample time to set up on-site interviews with reporters, create press materials, and carry out in-person outreach while the event is happening. In the end, news reports that include information from these conferences are far more likely to stand out and be heard above the din.

Create a Broad Newsjacking Strategy

In order to assist you take advantage of fresh advances in AI before they become outdated, your PR agency should also have a thorough newsjacking plan in place. In some circumstances, you only have a little window of time to join the conversation. Your PR company must be able to spot breaking news at this period, assist you in developing your own viewpoint on the story, engage in outreach, and set up an interview or a request for comment. An opportunity is lost if any of these stages are inefficient.

These inefficiencies may appear in a variety of ways. It's possible that your PR agency doesn't have sufficient connections with editors and reporters to take advantage of a quick opportunity. It's possible that they are unsure of which publications to emphasise in their outreach efforts. Or they can find it difficult to make snap decisions when newsjacking more contentious advances in AI.

You need an established AI PR company on your side if you want to cut through the clutter of the cluttered AI industry and media landscape. The ideal PR agency will comprehend the intricate details of your business and product while also knowing how to simplify them for reporters and important audiences.


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