10 Easy Ways to Fix YouTube Keeps Crashing on Android or iOS

Discover 10 quick solutions to fix YouTube crashes on Android & iOS. Troubleshoot app issues for seamless video streaming on your devices.

14. Dec 2023
10 Easy Ways to Fix YouTube Keeps Crashing on Android or iOS

YouTube serves as a primary hub for entertainment, education, and information. But what to do when suddenly you are getting "YouTube Crash Error". It might be annoying to experience problems with an app that keeps crashing on your iOS or Android smartphone. Don't worry, here are 10 simple ways to get out of this issue and resume uninterrupted video streaming: 

Potential Reasons for YouTube's Constant Errors

Here are potential reasons why YouTube might keep crashing on your Android or iOS device:

Outdated App Version: An outdated version of the YouTube app may result in compatibility issues and recurring crashes due to software incompatibility and a lack of necessary upgrades.

Network Connectivity Problems: When your internet isn't working or poor connection, YouTube can't stream videos well. This causes interruptions while watching and might make the app crash.

Corrupted Cache or Data: YouTube app may crash often as a result of corrupted data or accumulated cache interfering with its functionality. Resetting data or clearing the cache might fix these problems and increase the reliability of the app.

Background Apps Interference: The device's resources may be used by other background apps, which could affect YouTube's functionality and result in crashes.

Overloaded Device Resources: Apps like YouTube may crash often due to overloaded resources or insufficient memory on the device.

System Updates: Crashing problems may arise from an incompatibility between the app and recent system updates on your device.

Server-Side Problems: App crashes might be caused by YouTube's periodic service issues. Occasionally, these momentary problems with the platform's servers may affect the stability of the app, resulting in temporary downtime or crashes.

Understanding these potential causes can help in troubleshooting and finding the right solution to resolve YouTube crashes on your device.

10 Easy Ways to Fix YouTube Keeps Crashing on Android or iOS

If you are also getting this error, follow below steps to fix YouTube Keeps Crashing: 

1. Restart the App

Begin with the basics whether you are using Android or iOS device - close the YouTube app and relaunch it. This simple troubleshooting method can quickly fix crashing issues and frequently fixes minor bugs by refreshing the app's functionality. 

2. Check Internet Connection

An unstable network might be the reason behind the app's breakdown. Make sure you have a steady internet connection by alternating between mobile data and Wi-Fi. Resolving connection difficulties can help stop more crashes and fix issues affecting YouTube's performance.

3. Update the YouTube App

There might be a problem with an out-of-date version of the app. To upgrade YouTube to the newest version, go to the App Store (iOS) or Google Play Store (android). Updating ensures access to new features and fixes, resolving potential problems causing app crashes.

4. Clear Cache and Data

App crashes might be caused by corrupted data or an excess of cache. Navigate to the settings on your smartphone, find YouTube in the app settings, then delete the app's cache and data. By taking this action, possible instability causes are eliminated and app crashes may be fixed.

5. Restart Your Device

Restarting your device can often resolve underlying issues affecting app performance. Simply power off your device, wait a few moments, and then restart it. This simple troubleshooting procedure helps fix short-term bugs, which may enhance the app's stability and fix performance problems.

6. Check for System Updates

Ensure your device's operating system is up-to-date. Sometimes, outdated system software can cause compatibility issues with the YouTube app.

7. Disable Background Apps

Running many background apps might interfere with YouTube's functionality. To save up device resources, close any background apps that aren't really needed. By doing this, you may improve the device's performance and ensure that YouTube runs without hiccups or crashes.

8. Disable Hardware Acceleration

Try turning off hardware acceleration in the YouTube app's options if you're an Android user. Certain device configurations may not be compatible with this functionality.

9. Reinstall the YouTube App

Reinstall YouTube from the app store after uninstalling it if none of the above solutions work. This procedure guarantees a clean and reliable programme installation for enhanced functionality by frequently resolving underlying installation problems that may have been the source of recurring crashes.

10. Contact YouTube Support

Contacting YouTube's support staff may offer more help if the issue continues. They are able to recognize any common problems that consumers are facing and provide customized answers.

You may successfully resolve the issue of YouTube frequently crashing on your Android or iOS smartphone by following these 10 troubleshooting methods. Remember that these fixes are straightforward yet efficient, and they can spare you from pointless disruptions when watching YouTube.

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