10 Best AI Startups in India to Join in 2024

Explore India's top AI startups in 2024. Join innovative companies using AI to revolutionize healthcare, customer service, and more.

2. Nov 2023
10 Best AI Startups in India to Join in 2024

The fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) have seen significant developments and investments in recent times, impacting a variety of industries such as production, healthcare, and fashion. Since it began to take shape in 2016, the AI startup scene in India has grown significantly over the past two years. This boom has maintained India's position as a leading center for AI companies and fostered a thriving ecosystem. This article explores the top 10 AI startups spread across several Indian cities, highlighting the need of domain knowledge for those hoping to work for these exciting and forward-thinking businesses.

1. Cognitivescale

Cognitivescale, a pioneering AI and cloud computing startup, has been gaining prominence within the financial services industry. Their Cortex AI Platform, which boasts a remarkable portfolio of over 100 unique AI technologies, plays a key role in offering hyper-personalized insights to over 100 million clients. Notably, the World Economic Forum has acknowledged Cognitivescale's accomplishments for their profound impact on business and society, confirming the company's important role in determining how AI will develop in the financial services industry going forward.

2. Vicarious

Vicarious, a prominent AI startup, has a primary focus on propelling machine learning and robotics to new heights. Their state-of-the-art artificial intelligence systems enable robots to learn from their experiences, improving their capacity to do complex jobs. Leading figures in the business, including Samsung, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos, have made significant investments in Vicarious. Remarkably, Intrinsic, an AI firm within the Alphabet umbrella, has purchased Vicarious, putting the business at the forefront of AI's revolutionary impact on robotics.

3. Deep 6 AI

Deep 6 AI stands as a pioneering healthcare AI startup, actively reshaping the landscape of medical diagnosis and treatment. Deep 6 AI explores large databases of medical data using the powerful AI algorithms they have. This eventually improves patient outcomes by enabling healthcare practitioners to make educated decisions. The cornerstone of their dedication to advancing healthcare and improving lives is the acceleration of life-saving medicines using real-time clinical data processing, which enables perfect patient-clinical trial matching. 

4. Shield AI

Shield AI, established in 2015, is deeply committed to protecting both service members and civilians through the deployment of intelligent systems. Being the first autonomous AI pilot to be used in battle, their ground-breaking Hivemind autonomy stack is a historic achievement. This cutting-edge technology gives aviation teams unprecedented capabilities that allow them to carry out a variety of tasks, from clearing rooms to engaging in aerial warfare, greatly improving operational safety and effectiveness. The commitment to innovation shown by Shield AI will continue to influence autonomous systems in the future.

5. Landing AI

Founded by the renowned Dr. Andrew Ng, Landing AI specializes in delivering readily deployable AI solutions and comprehensive enterprise transformation initiatives. Known for his crucial contributions to the co-founding of Coursera, as well as his roles as Chief Scientist at Baidu and Founding Lead at Google Brain, Dr. Ng heads the organisation with the goal of helping companies make the smooth transition from AI proof-of-concept to full-scale production. Organisations may fully utilise AI to achieve their operational and strategic goals by using Landing AI's leadership and experience in this sector.

6. Viz.ai

Viz.ai is at the forefront of leveraging artificial intelligence to revolutionize care coordination, significantly mitigating systemic delays in patient treatment. This novel strategy is essential for improving patient care standards and optimising clinical workflows. Viz.ai, a multinational company with offices in San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Amsterdam, Portugal, and other places, is revolutionising the healthcare industry by utilising AI to improve patient outcomes by increasing the effectiveness, precision, and speed of medical interventions.

7. Databricks

Databricks, launched in 2013, is the first and only cloud-based lakehouse platform in the world. This creative approach creates an open, unified platform for data and AI by seamlessly fusing the domains of data lakes and warehouses. With the support of more than 5,000 organisations globally, Databricks gives customers the capacity to carry out extensive data engineering, promote cooperative data science, and enable strong business analytics. Because of its revolutionary approach to data management and analytics, it has revolutionised the industry and given firms the tools they require for success.

8. OpenAI

OpenAI has changed significantly since it was founded in 2015 as a non-profit AI research centre with notables like Sam Altman and Elon Musk. It has evolved into two different organisations: OpenAI Inc., a non-profit, and OpenAI LP, a for-profit. Their unwavering dedication to carrying out in-depth, forward-looking research in the goal of developing artificial general intelligence (AGI) that is responsible and safe is reflected in this dual structure. With their creative and two-pronged strategy, OpenAI is at the vanguard of AI ethics and development, working to mould AI's future for the good of humanity.

9. Stability AI

Stability AI is an emerging AI-driven visual art startup that specializes in developing an open AI tool for generating images from textual descriptions. Their creative works include Dance Diffusion and Stable Diffusion, two open-source music and visual generating systems. Stability AI offers a novel approach to revenue generation: they provide clients with personalised "private" models, allowing access through their DreamStudio platform and API. This clever fusion of creativity and technology highlights Stability AI's dedication to breaking new ground in AI-generated art and offering customised solutions to satisfy a wide range of client demands.

10. Observe.AI

Observe.AI is a top supplier of natural language monitoring solutions for text and voice conversations, primarily aimed at improving agent productivity and optimizing contact center procedures. With an astounding Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) rise of up to 150%, the firm has seen exceptional success. Their dedication to transforming the contact center industry through cutting-edge technological solutions is demonstrated by the significant improvements in AI-powered agent assessments and coaching sessions that accompany this development. Businesses may improve operational effectiveness and customer service standards thanks to their powerful tools.

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