Top bar menu delta theme Osclass Solution

Are you getting Top Bar Menu error in Osclass Theme. You are on Right Place to fix this issue in simple steps. Follow our simple steps to fix the Error.

Osclass Support and Solution
9. Aug 2022
 Top bar menu delta theme Osclass Solution

If you are getting this Attached error and you want to show more Page or Block in Top Bar Just follow below steps. 

Open Your File Manager - Go to your Theme - Now Open CSS folder - open Stlye File - 


You can try to change i.e.
header .right, max-width 60% to 70%, then also decrease header .left from max-width 40% to 30%

or reduce padding by setting
body header .right a {padding-left:12px;}


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Osclass Support and Solution
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Osclass Support and Solution
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